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New! Show Off Your Creative Spirit With Craftsy T-Shirts

We wanted to let you know about a brand new offering on the Craftsy site! We’re so excited to announce that we now have T-shirts available for every maker, so you can wear your creativity with pride.

Craftsy T-Shirt, Now Available on Craftsy!

You can order yours here, and use it to spark conversations, sharing your artistic passion everywhere you go!

We know how much time and love you put into your projects -- wear your Craftsy shirt to let others in on your talent, too.

Because creativity is always the name of the game, embellish your shirt with crocheted lace, appliqués or anything that strikes your fancy, and upload the photo here anytime. We can’t wait to see what you’ll create!

How do you creatively personalize your wardrobe?



Love it! I plan to order one, but measurements would be helpful for sizing.


How do I use a Dr. WHO character on the tot bag? Have you done one?


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