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Celebrate the Maker Movement & Enter to Win a Maker Mystery Box

You may not know it, but if you’re a quilter, sewer, knitter or crafter of any kind, you’re part of a revolution.

Knitting a Garment

As TechShop CEO Mark Hatch puts it, “It’s about building, it’s about creating, it’s about breathing life into groundbreaking new ideas. It’s called the Maker Movement, and it’s changing the world.”

The creators have been here all along, crafting, tinkering and DIY-ing in their homes, studios, anywhere that could house their creativity — but the Internet has taken makers to a new level of exposure, innovation and cultural transformation. Treasured projects now have a place to shine, patterns can be shared in the click of a button, and entire crafting communities take shape in cyberspace.

So, join the Maker Movement and create a maker this holiday season!

Craftsy wants to keep fueling your creativity, so we’ve put together a Maker Mystery Box that includes inspiring supplies for any project you dream up.

We’ll randomly select a winner on November 22, 2013, so be sure to enter before then.

Be sure to, share this post with a friend you think would enjoy learning to craft, and then tell them to enter for a chance to win a Maker Mystery Box—It has great supplies they’ll need to get started!

Enter for a chance to win here.

Then, once you’re in the running for a marvelous Maker prize, keep the crafting going with these fantastic free patterns!

Scrap Attack Quilt Block, Pattern on
Free Scrap Busting Quilting Pattern
This scrap-busting block brings to mind the incredible potential of so many makers — fireworks are inevitable!

Wide Infinity Scarf, Pattern
Free Chunky Scarf Knitting Pattern

This chunky scarf is the height of innovation- or should we say “Procragratification”?!

Grey Purse with Flower Decoration
Free Sweetheart Bag Sewing Pattern

Because makers need somewhere to keep their supplies! Sew up this sweetheart bag and take your crafting tools wherever you go.

What do you love about being part of the Maker Movement?


Kathy Ware

I think you all are terrific. I love crafty!!!!!

Debbie adcock

I am new at quilting and Craftys website has helped me a lot . Love it!

Barbara Mundinger

I enjoy learning how to quilt. Thanks for the Chance. Barbara

Christine Chandler

I’m over awed with the craft revolution inspired by the internet & Craftysy. I need better computer skills to keep up!

Teresa DeNardo

Craftsy has literally changed my life. I became disabled three years ago. I was only 55 so after awhile it becomes depressing being in the house, not to mention, having a very small check to have to live on. I also worked in a very creative field as a hairdresser, so when I couldn’t do that anymore, it left me in a dark place. I broke out the yarn and crocheted for awhile but there are only so many blankets you need when you live in Florida!!!! I even tried to hook up with a knitting group but there is not enough time for them to show you how to really learn something properly. Art classes, even at the senior center, were cost prohibitive. So I was just sitting in my recliner getting more and more depressed. Then I discovered Craftsy!! Now I have started a little garden, learned to knit, (even with beads), and am sewing again after a 30 year hiatus!! Believe it or not, I have started a little purse making business and now have something to look forward to every single day!! Your classes are affordable and I LOVE the format! Your teachers are so fun and amazing! I tell people every chance I get about your site. Thank you for saving my life!! I LOVE CRAFTSY!!


Amen sister! I’m in the same boat! I’m quilting, belong to a bee, but learn more on here at Craftsy!


I enjoy sharing my crafting with friends and family, they really appreciate that I took time to make something just for them.

Jennifer Padden

Craftsy has offered some of the most affordable and accessible classes ever. No matter your favorite craft, there is a class for every one! Thanks for keeping us up with the crafting world and validating our pleasures as true art.


I love Craftsy and stumbled on this site by chance. Craftsy and their teachers have gave me inspiration and I’ve learnt so much. Making things keeps me sain in this crazy world and is so rewarding. I tell everyone about this site as its so accessable to anyone and everyone and affordable.
Thank you Craftsy and their teachers for the gifts you have gave me.


Craftsy has spurred my creativity, giving me the tools to explore further into my primary field but piquing my interest in other areas as well.

The outcome is a burgeoning cake business, phenomenal handmade artisan pizzas, hand knit goods including booties for the new babies in the family, exploration of Tunisian knitting, rekindled interest in sewing and a fresh love of quilting. Now I don’t shop, I envision something then try to implement my vision.

Sandr Morgan

I want to learn

Anna Fiorilli

Hi, it’s so nice to see so many interesting crafts projects,
But, I haven’t gotten too close to these kinds of things since I don’t
ever really buy online anything, I
usually deal with getting Money Orders, hoping that is ok to do for classes in knitting and crocheting
I knit, crochet but not as good as I would like, YouTube videos are only short in showing how to do them!! Just would like a chance at this!! Thank You!!


I am a “Maker” because I love to give of myself when creating things for friends and family. I also do not want to lose some of the handicraft arts that are slowly dying because no one bothers to learn or pass it along. I love to show people what I do, for free because I believe it is important to pass along what you know to others. Kudos to Craftsy as well as the multitude of talented people that not only contribute but participate as well!


I make, therefore I am! (Apologies to the Romans and Descartes) I am really enjoying this online community, especially since I am still working full time and don’t have time to connect much with actual people in my area. So ‘virtual’ works best for me right now. Thank you for Craftsy!

Katie Wells

OOH I love this quilt I wanna win pick me pick me




I love to be a “maker” and see the surprise in peoples faces when i tell them I made it for them!

Kim S

I love the patterns on craftsy. I want to win

Kim Dostal

Crafting is so peaceful.


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