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The Caking Dead: A Zombie Cake Roundup

Season 4 of the hit TV series The Walking Dead premieres tonight in the U.S. Whether or not you’re a fan of the zombie genre and all the gore and brains that goes along with it, there’s no denying it’s popular stuff. And they’re perfect for Halloween, too.

To celebrate both the spooky Halloween season and the return of The Walking Dead, here’s a look at some of the best zombie cakes around.

Happy and Colorful Zombie Cake
Photo via Chef Sam

Plants vs. Zombies cake:

This cake perfectly captures the fun and excitement of the “Plants vs. Zombies” computer game. Seed-shooting plants battle to stop the evil zombies crossing the lawn to attack the residents in the house beyond. The zombies are perfectly sculpted from fondant and even the red-hot jalapeño power-up makes an appearance!
Scores a 0 on the Zombie Gore-o-meter!
Scary Limb-less Zombie Cake
Photo via Ivy Janes Bakery

Scary zombies cake:

A gore-free zombie offering, but no-less arresting for that! There may be no blood or brains, but the missing limbs and ears more than make up for it. The board has been textured with a large cobblestone texture mat and the whole cake has been artfully dusted with black petal dust.

Scores a 0 on the Zombie Gore-o-meter!
Green and Blue Zombie Cake Cake
Photo via Nikki’s Cakes

Sinister tiered cake:

There may be a slight smattering of gore on this zombie cupcake cake, but nothing we can’t handle! Two tiers of cake are decorated to look like cake one with a slice already cut — with a giant cupcake on top. The base of the cupcake is made with Candy Melts in the Wilton Giant Cupcake pan, and the baked and buttercreamed cake is dropped inside. Cute fondant whipped cream and cherries make up for the slightly sinister stitching detail!

Scores a 2 on the Zombie Gore-o-meter!
Smiling Fondant Zombie holding Heart, on Top of Cake
Photo via Man Bakes Cake

Zombie in Love cake topper:

This 10 zombie cake topper, with his toothy grin and crazy eyes is still adorable despite the maggots wriggling about at his feet. And look! He’s literally giving you his heart! He’s based on the character from the book Zombie in Love and he’s been expertly dusted with black petal dust around the eyes, jawline and feet to give him a perfect undead look. His ragged pants and shirt suggest he’s been undead for quite some time, and where are his right ear and left hand?

Scores a 4 on the Zombie Gore-o-meter!
Cupcakes Decorated Like Zombie Brains and Zombie Hands
Photo via Cakes by Becky

Zombie cupcakes:

These zombie cupcakes look quick and easy to make, but are no less fun for that! Buttercream “brains” have been piped with a round tip (#10, 11 or 12 are all suitable), and the “grass” has been piped using stiff buttercream and a #233 grass tip, or similar. The zombie hand picks are available for purchase online.

Scores a 5 on the Zombie Gore-o-meter!
Cake Pops Shaped Like Zombie Heads
Photo via Cakegirls

Zombie cake pops:

There may be brains on show here, but these red velvet zombie cake pops look too delicious to be scary! Perfect for a Halloween get together or a Walking Dead viewing party! A skull sucker mold has been used to create these bite-sized treats, using green and black candy melts. A step-by-step is available on the Cakegirls Web site.
Scores a 6 on the Zombie Gore-o-meter!
Zombie Mnion Cake
Photo via Marzipan Doll

Zombie Minion:

This fondant topper combines two of the most popular themes around right now: zombies and Despicable Me Minions! Looks like this poor guy’s been turned — just look at this bloodshot eye, exposed brains and peeling skin. Hand-painted blood details and torn fondant overalls make this Minion creepy, yet lovable.

Scores a 7 on the Zombie Gore-o-meter!
Zombie Bothers Cake
Photo via Little Cherry Cake Company

Airbrushed Walking Dead cake:

There are no shortage of actual Walking Dead cakes around to feast our eyes on! This one features fondant toppers of the Dixon brothers, Daryl and Merle, each with their zombie-dispatching weapons of choice. The cake itself has been airbrushed to give it a dark and atmospheric appearance, with just a small amount of blood spattered on for good measure. The name plaque has been hand-cut and cleverly airbrushed for a graduated, striped finish.

Scores a 7 on the Zombie Gore-o-meter!
Cake Hand-Painted with Walking Dead Characters
Photo via Magda’s Cakes

Hand-painted Walking Dead cake:

Here’s Daryl again with this trusty crossbow being pursued by a zombie lady who looks a little worse for wear. Even if the content isn’t something you’d choose for your next birthday cake, you can’t help but admire the skill in this hand painted cake, including the atmospheric backdrop, and Daryl himself. The combination of 2-D and -D modeled fondant figures is an interesting twist for this cake.

Scores an 8 on the Zombie Gore-o-meter!
Cake Decorated Like Walking Dead Poster
Photo via Little Cherry Cake Company

Zombie cafeteria cake:

Finally, one of the most iconic scenes from The Walking Dead series so far — the zombie hordes trying to escape the chained-up hospital cafeteria. From the realistically daubed “don’t open” message painted using edible gel color and the hand-cut Walking Dead fondant logo, to the dusted tile floor and blood-trailing hand, if this cake doesn’t get you in the mood for tonight’s premiere, nothing will!

Scores 10 on the Zombie Gore-o-meter!

Zombie art isn’t for everyone, but many of the techniques and ideas used here could be applied to any cake project. Erin Schaefgen’s FREE Craftsy class, The Hand-Painted Cake, will give you the perfect grounding for applying color and texture to your next creation, while Cake Topper Techniques: Figure Modeling with Anne Heap will have you modeling Daryl, Merle and the rest of The Walking Dead gang with ease!

Zombies, spiders and snakes – does the subject matter of a cake put you off enjoying a slice? Would you eat a slice of zombie if it was served to you?

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I’m needing a cake pop mold of the skull…..could you tell me where I can get one?


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