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The Jack-o’-Lantern Carving Showcase Winners

Oh, wow. You can really carve!

Craftsy Jack-o-Lantern Carving Showcase Graphic

It looks like this Halloween was filled with jack-o’-lantern carving fun, and we have had a slew of submissions of perfectly-carved pumpkins.

And now presenting….

The Top Jack-o’-Lanterns:

Mannequin Holding Pumpkin Head, Craftsy Jack-o'-Lantern Carving Contest

Headless Horse Woman by Lululiilii

Trio of Carved Pumpkins, Craftsy Jack-o'-Lantern Carving Contest

Pumpkin Trio by lacewood

Happy Jack-o'-Lantern, Craftsy Jack-o'-Lantern Carving Showcase

First Pumkin Carving Ever by CreaCis

Pumpkin Carved and Painted in Shape of Cartoon Character

Inspired by the Shape by miwit

Boy Holding Pumpkin, Next to Carved Pumpkin

Pumpkin Art by beemw222263185

Great work, everyone! Happy Halloween!

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