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Cake Inc.: How to Name Your Baking Business

Transitioning your hobby of baking or cake decorating to an official cake business is an exciting prospect. Just think of all of the lives you’ll make sweeter with your delicious baked goods, lovely confections, or beautifully decorated cakes.

But before you attain any level of fame for your fancy flour and sugar work, you’re going to need a snappy name. Sound stressful? It doesn’t need to be. It can actually be quite a fun process. Here are just a few tips to assist with how to name your baking business.

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Cartoon of Cupcake Wearing Apron, Holding Whisk

Dos and don’ts: a few general rules of thumb

Cartoon of Cupcakes in a Bakery

DO make it clear that you are a baking related business.

Obvious, right? But believe it or not, this is frequently something overlooked in naming a baking business. Making it clear in your business name that baking is what you do will make it easier for people to find you. Something too general, such as  “Melissa’s Creations,” may make it difficult for people searching online for a baker in the area, whereas “Melissa’s Cookie Creations” gives an indication of what the business might offer.

This doesn’t have to be quite as straightforward as having the word “bakery” in your business name, but including a reference to cakes, cake decorating, baked goods or pastry will certainly be helpful when people are trying to find you.

DO give yourself room to grow.

When choosing a name for your business, you don’t want to limit yourself. For instance, if you specialize in cake pops, calling yourself “My Cake Pop Company” might sound tempting. But what happens in five years when you want to add cookies and layer cakes to your roster? “My Cake Pops, Cookies and Layer Cakes” doesn’t have quite the same ring. Don’t limit your future possibilities by choosing a name that is too specific or shuts the door to expanding your offerings.

This doesn’t mean you have to be vague, though. For instance, a business called Trophy Cupcakes & Party  may specialize in cupcakes, but the “party” tagged on to the name gives them some freedom to branch out into events and other income streams (including publishing a book of party ideas!) while also specializing in a very specific, targeted product.

Another example? Bella Cupcake Couture. This company specializes in fashion-forward cupcake wrappers. While the name indicates a boutique, cupcake-related product, it does not limit the company to just cupcake wrappers. Should they choose to add other cupcake accessories, they have room to grow without altering the mission statement or company name.

DON’T choose something that’s already been chosen.

Even if your last name is Sprinkles and you make cupcakes, the fact is, Sprinkles Cupcakes has already been taken. Even if you’re in a different city than a business, resist the temptation.

Not only is it impolite to another business to poach their name, but if a business is already established with a given name, chances are they’ve already claimed the URL, Twitter handle, Facebook page name, etc.

This extends to characters and things that are trademarked or copyrighted, too, which can cause confusion and lead to potential lawsuits.

Sweet considerations: things to consider when naming your baking business

Cartoon of Cupcakes in Front of A Bakery
“Just Baked”: cute, but it’s taken! Illustration via CakeSpy

Family names are safe, if sometimes boring.

Freedman’s Bakery, Olsen’s Bakery, Moore’s Bake Shoppe, etc. Maybe not the most creative method for naming a business, but it does get the job done. Of course, the cool factor is upped if you also have a cool name. For instance, in Seattle, there is a cool-sounding business called Molly Moon’s Ice Cream that’s owned by a woman named Molly Moon.

Don’t confuse people.

It might seem fun to refer to your sweet wares as “victuals” or “aliments,” but will everyone know what you mean? Probably not.

Choose puns with care.

Punny business names can be polarizing. Some find them cute, some don’t. Some start out cute but get stale fast. As a general rule of thumb, avoid puns that will be embarrassing every time you answer the phone.

Don’t be “kute” with your spelling.

Is it “kute” to spell it “cupcakez”? People will have different opinions, but a major consideration is if people can spell it. If people aren’t finding you on Google because they don’t know you’ve spelled your business name in a quirky way, your business may suffer as a result.

Consider shock value.

Like puns, names with shock value can be polarizing. In general, don’t include curse words or words that might be offensive to any group in your business name. Think of it this way. If your business is called “Damn Fine Biscuits” and a child gets in trouble every time they ask for one…well, you might lose some families as clients.

A few formulas to try: creative prompts to get you brainstorming on a name

These formulas have worked for others in the past, so why not give them a test drive? Included are several prompts that include successful existing baking businesses, which illustrate a finished name using each formula. Even if they don’t result in a perfect final name for your business, at least they’ll get the creative juices going.

Cartoon of Cupcake Using Glasses to Read a Cookbook

Object + Product.

For example: Victrola Coffee, Rocket Donuts, Sprinkles Cupcakes, Bluebird Ice Cream.

Geographical Indication + Product.

For example: Charm City Cakes, Pearl Bakery, North Hill Bakery.

Flower Name + The Word Bakery.

For example: Magnolia Bakery, Dahlia Bakery, Sweet Pea Bakery.

Baking-related term + “Bakery.”

Choose a word that has to do with the baking process: sift, crumb, buttercream, whisk, sugar. Flour Bakery, Butter Bakery, Sugar Bakery and Wooden Spoon Bakery are all cute bakery names — sadly, they are all taken, but this train of thought might help you find naming inspiration from the tools of your trade.

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erica albright

I just started my own cupcake shop!! Coming up with a business name was SO hard for me, I ended up hiring a naming agency called, it was super affordable and they were very friendly!

Cynthia Lorow

My favorite is my bakery’s name. The Vagabond Baker-it combines my two passions- traveling and baking!

Lyndsay Sung

ha! awesome post, jessie!! i’ve always liked trophy cupcakes + party’s name – there’s a nice vintage feel to the word and idea of “trophy” … and they have that look with their design, too! sprinkles is obviously a perfect cupcake biz name, too… ^__^

thanks for reminding people not to use names that are already taken. when i first started my biz there was no Coco Cake. now there are several, all over the world! i think it’s nice to be original and try and think of something that isn’t out there yet! and i am transitioning to Coco Cake Land now… ^__^


Awesome article. The points you mentioned in your article were amazing. Simple and helpful tips. I think its better to add your last name to name your baking business.

Tanya Mellinger

I have a cupcake business that I just am getting off the ground but am in the process of building it to have Cupcake decorating parties for kids birthdays and girls nights out. Looking for a name for that. Right now my cupcake and cookie business is cupcakes and cookies by Tanya want something creative for the party side

Zeina Najem

after what I just read it is so hard to chose the perfect name.


I like Sugar Crafts


I bake fresh bread for shops and cakes for all occasions I need a name

Amanda lee

Bread head

pasta water

It’s hard to find experienced people for this topic, however, you sound like you know what you’re talking about!


What do you think of:

Sophistikated Designs


or SophistiCakes



I would stay away from misspelling the word sophisticated, as it takes away from the meaning of the word.

Sophisticakes is punny, but a bit hard to say out loud. Maybe try playing with different words of the same meaning. If the reason you would like to have a sophisticated name is to get into weddings or catering, then there may be a bunch of other words associated with those events as well. good luck! 🙂


what bout Sweet BouCakes?


Pls I need a name 4 my cake business,ve bn trying out sm name but it not what I want


Sugar Crafts

Javene McCabe

Our little baking business is called ROLLIN’ IN THE DOUGH….I made it up for my daughter. It is catchy and people seem to really remember it.!! You can see her work on if you want to see her latest cookie creations…


I want to start my bakery business plzz help me to choose a beautiful name for my bakery shop. .


Am into cakes and catering. Pls I need a business name. Help me out


Sugar Crafts

Princess funmi

This is owesome but I still cant figure out d perfect name for my baking business

Habibah Ibrahim

Being a Malaysian it’s difficult to use an English name but I happens to like that….I would like to include my daughters’ name Sarah either before or after…pls advise me. Tq.




I wan to know more about android app


i think that CANDY CRUSH would have been good for a candy store however, SUPER SWEET CAKES would also work. there are also many options with fun puns incorporated like UNITED CAKES OF AMERICA which is cute PIECE OF CAKE is also quite catchy as well as KNEAD CAKE? these are just a few catchy suggestions with a little bit of fun to it. also a great tip when it comes to naming your business is to look for the target audience, for instance a candy store would appeal to children and a cake store would more appeal to adults so make sure that it is suitable for the people who are most likely going to buy from you

Aniya hernandez

Nice article I found a name for my bakery it’s called Bake My Day

Career Advice

He that wants money, means, and content is without three good friends. ~William Shakespeare


You mean – William Cakespeare… 😉

Maria Esaki


What do you think of Crunchy Bear ?
I want to make savory and sweets.

Thank You!


Hi. Planning to start up a baking outfit. Please help coin a name.


hi im trying to figure out a bakery name as we want to get stickers but have no idea on name….HELP………..we bake a bunch of pumpkin treats (pies,tarts,cheesecake,muffins) u name it and its pumpkin from scratch also and me and my husband do it…

Andrea Hall

Pumpkin Batch


My name is Rose. Need a business name. For cupcakes but leave open for baking cakes also Addison is my granddaughter. Can use this name also. Help please

jeremy martonoz

your info is #### and your writer suck too
please get a new writer ty.


Hi. I need help choosing a name make cakes and cupcakes but also other things too. Please help!!


Sugar Crafties

Danielle shotton

I need a name only for a small business of cakes and cupcakes please help

Sally Humeniuk

This was a (very helpful) post on tips for how YOU can pick YOUR baking business name. Quit asking the writer to do the work for you people!


i am about to start a gluten free cake pop business for kids with chrones i really need a name HELP !!!!


Hi,im making cakes and cupcakes and cakepop ,can you please help me what is the best name for baking business name? hard to decide .Thanks


Looking for a name for my home based cake business. Please help if you can. Thanks.


I’d like to find out more? I’d care to find out more details.

Vocational Courses

Awesome article. The points you mentioned in your article were amazing. Simple and helpful tips. Thank you for sharing with us.


Thanks for helping us to how to name our baking business. Cake decorating to an official cake business is an exciting prospect. I am searching for a name for my personal bakery making business. Please suggest me what I can do for that business.

Sonam Kashyap

I bake fresh bakery item like tarts & pie for soups and cakes for all occasions I need a name. what you think about the tart pie bakery? Name.

jen funston

ideas Please!! looking for a name for our brand, to go on the shelf, for the housewife/ shopper to buy, hoping to incorporate the words smart and or bake , we are marketing baked snack products savoury and sweet, all are gluten free , most are no added sugar , low carb and some are even vegan friendly. Awesome benefits for each individual product………………….. Help all you creatives out there xxxxxx Want to try get the shopper to be happy they have made a Great decision!!


Hi, I’m from Portugal and I am opening a Pastry Scholl. I would like to have the word Lab at the end. Any ideas, please!


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