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Looking for a Quilt Shop Near You?

If you're hoping to do a supply run soon or meet fellow quilting lovers locally, be sure to check out Craftsy's Quilt Shop Map.

Featuring independent quilt shops across the United States, from New York to Texas to Seattle, this map is a great resource for easily identifying fabric hot spots in your neighborhood. Or find new favorites -- like Hen & Chicks Studio, Rosebud's Cottage, Boardwalk Quilts, A Stitch in Time, Red Rooster Quilts, Fancy Tiger and more -- to visit next time you're on a vacation.

Patterned Map of the World

Click this map to go to the Quilt Shop Map!


To zoom in on your area of the country, just click the "plus" button in the bottom right-hand corner of the map. Then click on a red pin icon nearby to see details about a specific shop, including its address as well as directions on how to get there.

Click this map to go to the Quilt Shop Map!


If you'd like your independent brick and mortar quilt shop to appear on our map, we'd love to hear from you! Just fill out this form. But, please don't submit unless you're a shop owner to help prevent duplicate submissions.

Do you know other quilters on the hunt for their local quilt shops (or shop owners that might want to be represented)? Be sure to share the Quilt Shop Map with them!


Angela Hunter

In your blog “Looking for a Quilt Shop near You?” please move the pull down box of store names off of the map of the US. Those of us who live west of Coloroado might want to select the pinpoint of where we live so that we can actually do what the title of this blog promises. Right now, only the Eastern half of the US is available to browse. I am on a Mac, and formatting differences might account for this oversight. Nonetheless, there are Western quilters who use Macs and would like more stores to shop. Please fix. Thanks.

Karen Kelty

Hi Angela! You can change the viewing area of the map by simply clicking on the map and dragging your desired region into view using the hand tool. I hope this helps!

Mary Anderson

Looking for someone to repair an Italuan quilt


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