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Craftsy Jack-o’-Lantern Carving Showcase

So you think you can carve, do you? We want to see! Get out those carving tools and amp up your creativity.

Introducing the Craftsy Jack o'-Lantern Carving Showcase!

Craftsy Jack-o-Lantern Carving Showcase Graphic

How do you enter?

Submit a photo of your very best crafty jack-o'-lantern carving to Craftsy by NOON (12pm) MST on Halloween. Include any details about the pumpkin that you'd like (Where did you get the idea for your carving? Does that pumpkin have a story?) The expert members of our Craftsy Jack-0'-Lantern Judging Committee will pick our very favorite jack-o'-lanterns to feature on the Craftsy blog at 5PM MST on Halloween.

Are there any rules?

Just keep it decent, folks. And have fun!

What about pumpkin crafts?

Have Halloween-centric crafts you want to share? Join the Craftsy Creative Halloween Crafts Contest! You can enter both the contest and the showcase, so don't be shy.Jack-o'-Latern photos due: October 31st (Halloween!) by NOON (12pm) MST

THE SHOWCASE IS NOW CLOSED FOR SUBMISSIONS. Visit the 2013 Jack-o'-Lantern Showcase to see the TOP jack-o'-lantern entries!

Here is some inspiration to get you started creating:

Two Craftsy-Themed Jack-o'-Lanterns

Photos via Craftsy employees Kirk Moore and Jenn Tomaszewski

Ted Nugent pumpkin via Craftsy member GrayWolf70

Pumpkin Carved with Lion's Head Design

Photo via Barry Brown Creative

Pumpkin Carved with Screaming Face

Pumpkin Head via Craftsy member Nice Threads

Elegantly-carved pumpkin

Photo via Barry Brown Creative

Don't forget to check back in with the Craftsy blog at 5pm MST on Halloween to see a roundup of our favorite entries!

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These are wonderful! We’re still trying to decide what to carve ours into. Thanks for the ideas!


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