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Don’t Be Scared! How to Make a Haunted House Cake

Haunted houses can be full of ghosts, ghouls, vampires and zombies, but our haunted house is full of cake! This is a perfect Halloween cake to make for a party, and it’s a great project for beginners to tackle if they want to try something a bit more challenging. The fun part about haunted houses is that they tend to look like they are falling apart, so perfection is not our goal. Haunted houses have character, which is our goal!

Two-Story Haunted House-Shaped Cake

Photo via Wendy Woo Cakes

Here’s how to make a haunted house cake:

What you’ll need:

  • Two-tier square cake covered in fondant
  • Assorted colors of fondant or modeling chocolate (I used gray for the house, yellow for the windows, white for ghosts and orange for the pumpkins. Black for the roofs and door and window molding, brown for the doors, green for the vines. Try this free Modeling Chocolate Recipe for a chocolate that is well-textured and suited to this project, or this free Marshmallow Fondant Recipe that yeilds a tasty fondant.)
  • Fondant flower-leaf tool
  • Toothpick
  • Sharp knife
  • Lemon extract
  • Black food coloring
  • X-Acto knife
  • Paintbrush


Two Square Cake Tiers Covered in Modeling Chocolate

Step 1:

Fill, crumb coat, cover and stack your square cakes.

Adding Texture to Modeling Chocolate on Bottom Tier

Step 2:

Begin texturing the house. While the fondant is still soft, use your flower-leaf tool to mark horizontal straight lines across the top and bottom tiers and on each side. If you do not have this tool, you can also use a toothpick instead

Textured Modeling Chocolate on Both Tiers

Step 3:

Mark vertical lines with the flower-leaf tool to make it look like long planks of wood.

Adding Wood Texture to Cake for Haunted House Cake

Step 4:

Use the same tool to also make woodgrain marks on each plank.

Haunted House Cake Tutorial: Adding Further Texture to Haunted House

Step 5:

Using a toothpick, poke small holes on either side of the vertical lines.

Adding Chocolate Shingles to Roof

Step 6:

Start working on the roof. Form a triangle roof out of cake, Rice Krispies Treats or solid modeling chocolate. Roll out your black modeling chocolate or fondant and cut into squares. You can use a square shaped cutter if you would like, but this is a haunted house, so your squares don’t need to be perfect.

Place your square tiles on your roof, starting at the bottom. Make one layer all the way around the roof, then start on the next layer up. Continue this until you reach the top.

Step 7:

Roll out a thin piece of the same black modeling chocolate then lay two pieces crisscross across the roof.

Adding Texture to Roof on Haunted House Cake

 Step 8:

Use your flower-leaf tool to press light indents equally spaced across the roof.

Rolling out Chocolate for Lower Roof on Haunted House Cake

Step 9:

For the lower roof, roll out a larger piece of modeling chocolate and wrap it around the bottom of the top tier.

Lower Roof Added to Haunted House Cake

Step 10:

Press it gently into place to give it a slanted look. Repeat the process of attaching the tiles on this roof.

Creating Door for Haunted House Cake from Rolled Modeling Chocolate

Step 11:

Now make the doors. Roll out your light brown modeling chocolate or fondant and free-hand a rounded door.

Adding Details to DoorAdding Further Details to Door

Step 12:

Use the large end of a piping tip or a circle cutter — whatever you feel is best to cut a hole for a window.

Adding Window to Door Adding Texture to Door

Step 13:

Using the leftover round circle, cut two strips in the middle of the circle. Place them on the door across the window and blend the ends with the door. Press woodgrain into the door using the flower-leaf tool.

Door Added to Haunted House Cake on Craftsy

Step 14:

Place the doors on the house.

Adding Further Details to Door and Haunted House Cake

Step 15:

Roll out more black modeling chocolate and place it around the door. Using the flower-leaf tool, press marks in the modeling chocolate around the door.

Note: While making the haunted house, the flower-leaf tool will be your best friend. We are using it to make indentations and lines, but it is also great for fixing crooked lines or straightening out mistakes.

Creating Haunted House Windows out of Modeling Chocolate

Step 16:

Now it’s time to make the windows. This process is a lot like making doors. Cut small rounded windows out of both black modeling chocolate and yellow fondant. Place the yellow window on the black modeling chocolate, then roll out thin ropes or black modeling chocolate.

Adding Frames to Modeling Chocolate Windows

Step 17:

Wrap it around the window and press thin pieces crisscross on the yellow window. Use a large piece to make a window ledge. Place the windows on the cake.

Now, add your details!


Cover your board in fondant. I used a marbled gray, green and brown fondant. Purple may also be fun.

Make rocks by marbling your modeling chocolate or fondant. Mash them together until they look mixed but not uniform in color.

Three Colors of Rolled Modeling Chocolate Marbling Chocolate to Create Stones

Pull apart varying sizes and form them into odd shaped mounds.


Balls of Orange Modeling Chocolate - Will be Pumpkins

To make pumpkins, cut small pieces of orange fondant or modeling chocolate to form round balls of varying sizes.

Adding Texture to Chocolate Pumpkins

Use an X-Acto knife or toothpick to press lines onto the ball ,starting from a central point. Continue around the ball until finished.

The chimney

Cutting Chimney for Haunted House Cake (on Craftsy)Adding Details to Chimney for Haunted House

Roll out and flatten a piece of fondant to the height you want. Use a knife to cut flat edges on each of the 4 sides.
Use the knife again to make horizontal indentations. Make off-set vertical indentations as well to give the look of brick.

Adding Further Details to Haunted House Chimney

Cut off the bottom of the chimney at the angle of the roof.

Placing Chimney on Top of Haunted House Cake

Place the chimney on the roof.

The finishing touch

Materials for Diluting Black Food Coloring

To help the house look even more rustic and old, dilute a small amount of black food coloring in lemon extract or vodka. You want it to be really thin, so the coloring can seep into the indentations to give depth to the crevices.

Adding Diluted Black Food Coloring to Haunted House Cake

You can add a few ghosts or maybe a scarecrow or vampire, the rest of the details are up to you! Happy Halloween!

For more great ideas and to learn to cover a cake in fondant, check out Jessica Harris’ Craftsy class Clean & Simple Cake Design. To learn more about working with modeling chocolate and creating stellar structures, be sure to take a look at Intro to Modeling Chocolate: Cityscapes with Laura  Kitchens!

For more Halloween fun, check out our Halloween cake pops tutorial, our Halloween cupcakes tutorial and our post on how to make mellowcreme pumpkins at home. You might also enjoy our zombie cakes roundup.

What homemade Halloween treats are you making this year?



Thank you so much for this absolutely wonderful tutorial of your haunted house, it was exactly what I was looking for, my daughter has ask for a cake like this for her birthday and I had no idea on how to go about doing it, but now THANKS to you, she will be absolutely surprised. The biggest thank you from me from Melbourne, Australia. Perhaps next time you could do a tutorial on making a witch cake, that is something I would love to do. Thanks again.

Alexandria Martinez

My fiance and I were thinking of staying in for Halloween and doing something that is calming. We both love baking cakes and think this is such a cute idea. But, we both cannot resist the temptation to go to our local and scariest haunted house this year as well. Thanks for the ideas!


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