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Quilting Trends From Sewing Summit

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of attending the third annual Sewing Summit, a modern sewing and blogging conference held in Salt Lake City, Utah. Throughout the weekend, sewing and quilting bloggers gathered to take classes ranging from Creative Fabric Selection to Photography Tips and English Smocking.

Sewing Summit Collage: Attendee and Highlights

While at the conference, I even got to meet up with fellow Craftsy blogger Maris Olsen (pictured above), as well as several friends I’ve made through blogging who I had yet to meet in person!

Group Shot of Women at Sewing Summit

Pictured left to right: Elena Roscoe, Heather Bailey, Angela Pingel, me, Amy Gibson, Lindsey Rhodes

Other events from the weekend included a bus tour of local quilt shops, open sewing time to work on projects, and a keynote speech from designer Heather Bailey (pictured above).

I took the face-to-face meeting as a chance to ask some attendees their reflections on the weekend, as well as some favorite quilting trends they’re loving right now. Here’s what they had to say:

Collage of Fabric Printing
Fabric printing samples by Miriam Tribe

“I really enjoyed the fabric printing class with Miriam Tribe, and the way she combined dyeing and printing. The use of a color magnet or dye magnet to make the fabrics darker was really amazing! I loved seeing her samples of printing on home decor and clothing. I also taught classes this year, and seeing people have their “a ha” moment is one of my favorite parts of Sewing Summit.” — Jeni Baker, In Color Order
Various Fabrics in Row
Low volume fabric bundle from Spun Sugar Quilts

“I love low volume prints. I have a 5-year-old at home, but I want everything to be white — it just appeals to me. The thing I love most about Sewing Summit is seeing my friends. The atmosphere is so inspiring. There are no negative attitudes, everyone is so friendly and ready to visit with each other! I also love teaching. To have 30 students and to see them finish their foundation piecing projects is a highlight for me.” — Christina Lane, The Sometimes Crafter
Collage of Quilt, Candy and Creation
Jewel-toned quilt shop sample, fabric assortment and a mini Dresden block spotted in open sewing room.

“I’m really loving jewel tones. There’s also something about fall and the richness of it. — Amanda Case, Everyday Fray
Smocked Garment, Bag of Thread
English smocking sample from Melissa Mortenson

I’ve never done a lot of quilt-as-you-go, and people are putting it together in such interesting, modern and fun ways. That has been really inspiring to me. I also enjoyed the class on heirloom sewing and smocking, since it’s so different from things I’ve done before. — Liz Froemming
Collage of Chevron-Patterned Fabrics
Chevron fabric, quilt shop sample spotted in Salt Lake City and pieced circle skirt tutorial

“I’m not getting tired of quilting chevrons. I enjoy seeing the different ways of incorporating them into quilts and other sewn projects. I also really appreciate the trend of the regular “geek craft” world combined with quilting. I find that most people are really geeks deep down inside.” — Katy Devlin, LethargicLass

Have you ever attended Sewing Summit or a similar conference? Which quilting or sewing trend is your favorite right now?

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