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Our Favorite Quilting Notions: A Roundup

With so many quilting notions and products on the market, how is a quilter to decide which items are “must have” quilting notions.

Here’s a roundup of some wonderful products to help make your quilting easier.

Pincushion and Tin of Straight Pins
Clover Wonder Clips:

Clover Wonder Clips are truly a wonder notion and are a must-have for quilters and sewists. These strong plastic clips come in two sizes and have a variety of uses. They’re ideal to use for holding binding in place while hand sewing. These clips are also terrific to use instead of pins when working with laminate fabrics.

These clips are also effective for holding several thick layers together when quilting accessories and home decor — it’s easy to bend pins when trying to keep lots of layers together, but with the Clover Wonder Clips, holding thick layers together is a breeze. They can also be used to hold blocks and block pieces together so they don’t get misplaced or out of order.

Sewing Clips Attached to Quilt
Little House Silk Pins:

Little House Silk Pins are the perfect pins for quilting. These pins are long and slender and have silky smooth tips that easily glide through cotton quilting fabric. Once you use these excellent high-quality pins, you won’t want to use any other type!

You may also enjoy our tips on choosing quilting pins and needles.

Two Rotary Cutters in Packaages
Olfa Splash Rotary Cutter:

Not only is the Olfa Splash Rotary Cutter a fun aqua color, but it’s also the most comfortable rotary cutter you’ll ever use. Created with quilters in mind, this ergonomic rotary cutter is easy to use and easy on your hands. It also features a quick-change blade system that makes it easy to replace a dull blade.

Omnigrip 8 1/2” by 12” Acrylic Ruler:

If you can only get one ruler, this ruler is the one to have. With easy-to-read markings and a handy size, it’s extremely versatile. I have a variety of rulers in many different sizes, and this is the one I consistently use more than any other. For cutting larger pieces of fabric and width of fabric strips, an 8 1/2” by 24” ruler is the ideal choice.

Small scissors:

Along with a good pair of sewing scissors, a small pair is an essential item. There are many different types and styles of small scissors available — choose the most comfortable pair.

Small scissors are wonderful to take along in a small sewing kit or in your purse so you can work on hand sewing and quilting wherever you might be. You might even want to have several pairs of these handy scissors that can be used for clipping threads and are easier to use than your big scissors for small cutting jobs.

4 Small Pairs of Scissors Laying on Quilt

This is a notion that is so basic that even our grandmothers couldn’t live without one. Pincushions have come a long way since the old-fashioned tomato pincushion became popular with quilters and sewists of the past. Nowadays, pincushions are quilted “works of art” and are often filled with crushed walnut shells (available from pet food stores) to provide weight and stability.

Tomorrow on the Craftsy blog we’ll share some helpful organizational tips for quilters.

Do you have a favorite quilting notion you can’t live without?



My seam ripper! I would be in a terrible mess if I did not have my seam ripper handy.

Doris Friday

I find that my cutting wheel makes a handy and very fast seam ripper. I use a small cutting wheel for this.


My new ELECTA-LUX lighting system for my sewing machine… made an older machine more efficient and updated. Gentle light for tired old eyes… decreases strain.

Same for the magnifying attachment for the sewing machine.

SEW EZE table… I do not have a dedicated sewing space this table allows me to travel and sew anywhere I can set up in the house. LOVE IT , LOVE IT , LOVE IT



I love the Kwik Klip which I use to fasten and open curved pins when I am pin-basting my quilt layers. This wooden tool saves my arthritic hands. I can’t do without it.


I also use the Supreme Slider silicone sheet when I am doing free motion quilting on my domestic machine. With Machingers Gloves it gives me slippery gliding and finger-control of my fabric layers and the quilting is as good as this advanced beginner can make it.


For now I think the quilting gloves are my favorite. For the future – I want to order an extension table 🙂

Karen S

I wouldn’t dream of machine quilting without my Supreme Slider. And the Machinger’s quilting gloves. No wonder my earlier quilts looked so wobbly; my quilts didn’t move smoothly enough.

Kristina Morris

My June Taylor Shape Cutters. For a strip piece quilter it is essential.

Jan Taylor

The QuiltMate Pro to use for all the great Craftsy tutorials!


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