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Craftsy Welcomes its 2,000,000th Member

Craftsy LogoBelow is a personal message from Josh Scott, Founder and COO at Craftsy, to the members of our passionate community. This week, Craftsy welcomed its 2.000.000th member! On behalf of all of us here on the Craftsy team, we’d like to thank each and every one of our members!

“I’m Josh Scott, one of the Founders of Craftsy, and I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the humbling opportunity to work on your behalf.

I’m extremely excited to say, that this week we welcomed the 2,000,000th member into the Craftsy community. It would be seemingly easy, as our community grows, to get lost in the crowd represented by that number โ€” but that is what is so special to me about Craftsy.
In a world which, at times, appears to increasingly gravitate toward the generically mass-produced, I am thankful to have been able to get to know so many talented people who create the one-of-a-kind and special.

Backstage Shot of Class Filming at Craftsy

The Craftsy crew filming backstage

I’m often prompted to contemplate the beauty of this, when I receive messages from Craftsy members such as the one below, which recently greeted me in my email inbox:

‘I am an old Quilter from way back and Craftsy gives me a lot of comfort, as it lets me stay connected to a wonderful craft. I am totally bedridden and cannot physically sew any more, but I can in my head.’

I hope that you, too, take a moment from time-to-time to pause, step back from the hectic elements of life, and appreciate the positive impact your talent and passion has on your family, friends, and local community.”

How has Craftsy impacted your life?



I am so happy I found Craftsy. I signed up for the free Craftsy BOM with Amy Gibson in 2012 and that is how I was introduced to the craft of quilting. Since then I have purchased some classes and also some patterns from talented Craftsy members. This is a wonderful place to learn many things. Thank you Craftsy for making it possible!!


Wow I can not thank Craftsy enough for teaching me so many fiber arts techniques. What I love the most is I can go back and watch again. In the old days of classes, I could not go back and would forget how to do a skill I learned a year ago. If I do not do something over and over again, I will forget how to do that skill.

The teachers are wonderful. The fine details and how a craft is explained helps me out so much. I am a slow learner and Crafty is patient with me.

I never dreamed I would own a floor loom and know how to use it. I love to have a garment fit me and all the classes I have taken my knitted garments came out great. If people asked where I learned to do that skill, I say Craftsy. If they can teach me they can teach anyone.

I also like that I can buy individual classes. Other craft sights you need to pay a monthly fee. Craftsy is the only site that offers the classes you want and you pay for what you get.

Keep up the super job guys.

Pamela North

Congratulations on reaching the 2,000,000 milestone. Well deserved.


While I was already an avid quilter and blogger, Craftsy classes and patterns and the blog have opened up my “craft world” to things I haven’t done in years like knitting–yes I’m knitting lots of things again. It has also shown me crafts like cake decorating that I’ve never done, but plan to explore in the future. And I love the fine arts area like drawing and painting which are also on my bucket list.


I’ve sewn my own clothes since I was a teenager. Crafty has renewed my love of sewing. You’ve inspired me!


I too discovered Craftsy from the Amy Gibson BOM course in 2012, and I learned SO much. I’ve just finished my fourth quilt, and I recommend Craftsy classes to everyone I meet. Thanks to all at Craftsy!

Annika Ramrattan

I came across Craftsy while searching for a tutorial and it was the best change that has ever happened to me and my business. Your site has made it possible for (a visual learner) to be able to go back again and again to understand my lessons until I’m confident in my steps which you wouldn’t get in a classroom so thank you from the bottom of my kitchenaid mixer ๐Ÿ™‚ for all that you have done and continue to do.
Be blessed Annikka

Sheila Zachariae

Congrats to the entire Craftsy team! I have been with you from the very beginning and have not looked back. Watching you grow and learning right along with you has been inspiring.

I have many online knitwear pattern shops and have found that Craftsy sets itself apart from all of them. It’s like having a neighborhood craft store down the street from my house. I pop in to see what is new in the world of yarn and fabric. I drop by to see what classes are going on from food to photography. I browse and shop at a leisurely pace talking to my customers and other crafty folk who are just regular people like me. The Craftsy team are like my neighbors always there and ready to lend a helping hand. What other site invites you to drop by and see them at their studio?

What could be better? Keep up the good work.

Sheila Zachariae
Craftsy Instructor
Knitwear Pattern Designer and Supporter

Joyce Blue

I found Craftsy when I signed up for the BOM with Amy Gibson. I loved it. I have sewn since childhood being taught from my professional seamstress mother, but some things I just didn’t know. I wanted more and there you were. I found Leah Day to quilt my BOM sampler. She was down to earth and I was hooked on free motion quilting. I love it. I am not real good yet but getting better all the time. Thanks for being there when I need it. I have taken other classes since and have passed on your web site to others. Keep it up.


Congratulations to Craftsy, I have no doubt that it will continue to grow rapidly. I love Craftsy and have been a member for a long time. Being limited with time and money, Craftsy has enabled me to take classes from some of the most renowned instructors in the industry at my own time and at such reasonable costs (love those sales). Being a visual learner I can go back as often as necessary to learn a technique. Your hi def videos are amazing. Your instructors (the famous and soon to be famous) are excellent. Craftsy has enriched my life by making me excited again to be creative, to get my hands onto fabric and into the dough. Your classes give me the instruction and technique so I can be successful. Thanks you so much!


Congratulations! You deserve each and every customer you have and so many more! I love Craftsy and I share that sentiment with all of the whys to whomever will listen. What a difference in quality of life I have since stumbling upon Craftsy for the first time. I started with wanting to learn to knit. That experience taught me to trust the integrity of the Craftsy company and the quality of teaching. I’ve since begun quilting and sewing. Quilting has opened up a whole new world for me. Quilters are the most wonderful group of people. And when I am not with my fellow quilters, Craftsy and their community of teachers and learners are with me. Craftsy is a fantastic place to grow, share, and learn. Your are the BEST Craftsy! Thank you, thank you, xoxo.

Catherine Logan

if i could only have one website it would definatly be craftsy
thank you for all your help and encouragement


Congratulations on the growth of your members, l ve been hooked from the start of this website and has since grown in my chosen interest of cake decorating,wishing you the best and a better and improve site.

flora thompson

Can only repeat the enthusiastic responses of other folk’s comments. Well done Josh!!!!!! you have removed my fear of doing new things because of your informative, easy to follow classes and the wonderful teachers available to us via your site… Thank you

Darlene Krystal

Congratulations… is a great feeling to be part of an awesome site where one can go to for help in practically every craft known…I have learned more about quilting, knitting, crochetting, and even drawing from craftsy and I am enjoying every pattern I download….thank you…and have many more great years…..


Congratulations on this milestone!!! I want to share what Craftsy has meant to me also. A little over 2 years ago I was declared physically disabled with RA and Osteo, I also have a blood disease that I’ve fought all of my life. Back in the 70’s I tried to learn to knit, my husband signed me up for a class at a Sears store in VA, that was horrid as the teacher hated left handed students. I finished the class with help of a fellow student but vowed to never touch the needles again! In the mid 90’s I decided to get a learn to knit type book, I made a few simple projects from it and put it away. Fast forward, 2 years ago I became physically disabled, I wanted something to do with my hands, so found my old learn to knit book and started again. My son found your site on the internet, sent it to me and WOW, a hole new world opened up! I have at least 47 workshops, classes and such now on my list. I am slow at taking the classes due to my RA but since I have found Craftsy I have been able to make gifts for my family and friends, plus it helps relieve some of the pain that I have from the RA. Most of my classes were purchased as Christmas gifts after I found Craftsy. I hope to share my wishlist with them again this year!
Thank you for helping me to love this craft, for without your classes I’m sure I would have put the needles down once again.


Hello, I would like to cancel my membership with CraftsyDOTcom.
Please assist me with that.
Thank you, Ramona


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