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Project Cupcake: Make a Fondant Flower Cupcake

See how Marsha Winbeckler, instructor of Fondant Ruffles, Pleats, and Drapes, makes a stunning fondant flower cupcake in this week's video episode of Project Cupcake.

Get the printable recipe here. And, watch now to see the beautiful finished cupcake and find out how to create one yourself:


  • Cupcakes
  • Graduated scallop cutters
  • Pink fondant
  • Bulbous tool
  • Pixie dust
  • Water
  • Piping gel


Step 1: Roll fondant thinly: 1/32 inch.

Step 2: Cut one of each scallop.

Step 3: Ruffle edges with bulbous tool.

Step 4: Repeat the previous 2 steps 4 times.

Step 5: Roll fondant into a tiny ball.

Step 6: Add a touch of water to the ball.

Step 7: Add pixie dust to the ball.

Step 8: Dab each petal's center with piping gel.

Step 9: Stack them up, putting the ball on the top in the center.

Step 10: Then press firmly down in the center.

Step 11: Use piping gel to secure the flower to the cupcake and add a final touch of pixie dust.

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Check out this video on making a fondant flower cupcake today!

What occasion will you make these for first?

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