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Wedding Cake Wednesday — Naked Cakes, Oh, My!

Don’t worry this post is G-rated! There are no adult-themed cakes here, just the latest trend in wedding cakes: simple, beautiful naked cakes.

Naked wedding cakes have been popping up all over the world in the last few years, particularly in Europe. Now, they are also gaining popularity in the United States — celebrity Hilary Duff recently ordered one for her wedding

The simple design of the naked cake features generous layers of buttercream icing and sometimes a fruit filling between the layers, which are exposed with no icing to cover the outside of the cake.

While some would call this an unfinished cake with not nearly enough icing to eat or to make a nice clean finish, others find this style beautiful, rustic and even organic.

This style brings out the simple beauty of the cake, letting it speak for itself rather than being covered with layers of buttercream and fondant.

To illustrate the trend, here are a few examples of some naked wedding cakes we love!

Naked Layered Cake with Berries and Flowers

Photo via The Sugar Suite

Topped with fresh flowers, luscious berries and oozing with fluffy buttercream, this gorgeous cake speaks of the whimsy of summer and warm evenings surrounded by friends and family.

Naked Cake Topped with White Flowers, Next to Candle

Photo via Frosted Fantasies

Fresh cream and pale pink flowers top this exquisite two-tier wedding cake. I love the light dusting of powdered sugar, it brings an almost fairytale feel to this cake.

Naked Cake with Berries and Roses, on Stand

Photo via The Sugar Suite

Here, the lovely orange roses combined with the delicious looking berries bring out the natural beauty of the cake itself.

Many wedding cakes can feel intimidating or too artistic to cut in to, they stand straight and picture perfect like a mural in a museum. But naked cakes feel like comfort food. They draw you in, make you want to cut into them, sit at a table full of family and friends, and enjoy a delicious and beautiful slice of cake while a cool evening breeze flutters past.

What are your thoughts on naked cakes? Do you think they have an unfussy, rustic elegance? Or do you think they look unfinished?




I like the idea. There are people out there who really do not like a lot of icing on their cake – and this seems a really nice solution!. They look pretty as well!


My husband would love them he doesn’t like frosting . I love a beautifully decorated cake. To me these look unfinished. My opinion just not my cup of tea. But I would love to see some truly naked cakes. Cabbage patch kids with well placed leaves. Skinny dippers with rocks in front of them. lol

Mmm Yummy Cakes

I think they look great for a simple country wedding, rustic and natural but I wonder how you would keep them fresh and stop from them from drying out with no coating to protect the sponge.

Carole Ann Cook

I am anxious to ask the opinion of my cake-baking friends and relatives and to see the reaction here! I see the appeal for a rustic or old world/European theme. Naked angel food and pound cake could be used very nicely with fruit. I visually prefer a traditional wedding cake however, and were I the bride, my personal choice would ultimately be a more formal look.


These just look so incomplete to me. I am not a big fan of them. As a decorator I would hate to make one of these. You would have to make sure that every layer when baked had exactly the same color and look on the outside and that they came out of the pan perfectly. Photo #2 is the perfect example the top looks overcooked and the bottom layers are not the same. This would drive the perfectionist in me crazy. LOL


Or they could be two different cake flavours which would account for the differences in colour.


I to have wondered how to keep these cakes moist if there is nothing covering them. Simple syrup all over maybe? Sticky…..does anyone have a thought here?

Elite Sweets

I found a Wilton spray to use on naked cakes at Walmart. It’s called Spray-n-Seal, a crumb sealing spray with coconut oil. On a colored cake, it is mildly visible, but doesn’t have a detectable flavor.


I LOVE this look! It really does have a rustic elegance to it. Absolutely gorgeous!


Love love this. They are simply beautiful, and since I don’t like fondant… Perfect !

Chris W

Beatiful and understated. I find the usual wedding cakes far too formal and stiff.

Carlita Washington

I adore naked cakes! I have a photo shoot coming up this Monday for EA Bride magazine that will shoot a variety of cakes made by cake designers in the area. We are to bring our cake to the shoot, and when I mentioned that I will be making a naked cake, the editor asked if there will be fruits, flowers, etc. Of course I said yes but when she said that they may need to add more embellishments on the cake because there will be other great cakes involved, it made me feel like my idea isn’t good enough. I really want to do this cake because I think that the other designers are going to try to out-do one another with these outrageous designed cakes. I don’t think any one will show up with a naked cake, and I think that it might actually draw more attention to mine since it’s more simple an organic looking. Also, they are going to cut the cake to take a picture of what it looks like sliced. I don’t feel like spending a lot of time designing a “LOOK AT ME” cake. Given, everyone will go above and beyond designing their cakes since it will be featured in a bridal magazine, but I don’t think anyone else will show up with a naked cake, and that just might be what the brides are looking for. I don’t know, what do you think? Lol


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