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Knit a Bobble Hat in Just One Hour

Get ready for fall and work up bobble hat in just one hour with step-by-step guidance from Knit Lab instructor Stefanie Japel in this week’s episode of One Hour Project.

Download the FREE bobble hat knitting pattern here and learn how to knit it:

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Check out this video on how to knit a bobble hat today!

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Hi I finishes my rounds 1-6 and now to start on round 8. which says change to US 10 needle and K8,m1 to the end. What does {m1} mean? Does it mean to make another stitch all the way to the end? Thank you


M1 means to make 1 stitch at that particular point. It can be done by inserting your right needle under the yarn of the previous row AND between the last of your K8 sts and the next live st on your left needle. You will then pull up a loop with your working yarn and place on left needle and knit it off to your right needle. Continue with the pattern. I hope this helps. 🙂

Harlee Cole

Hello Joanne,
That means that you are increasing by 1 sts every 8 sts you knit, to the end of the row.You can increase by inserting you needle in the bar between two sts and knit it through the back. It forms a tight knitted st and there is no hole. Hope this help, if not you can check out some great tutorials on youtube.


How do you make the bobble


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