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New! Spread the Word: Photography Classes from Craftsy

Right on the heels of introducing our Fine Art classes we have another surprise for you.

Craftsy’s Photography classes have arrived!

Know someone who always has a camera in hand? Share this blog post with your photog friends and spread the word about Craftsy’s fantastic new photography classes!

We've been working with talented photography instructors from around the world to develop photography classes on the platform you love. Now you can easily master the skills to capture the world around you in dramatic, breathtaking fashion. From grand landscapes to endearing portraits, our classes and community will provide the inspiration and skills you need to make your next shoot memorable.

Today, we're proud to offer our first two online photography classes:

Landscape Photography: Shooting from Dawn to Dusk with Rick Sammon

Man Shooting Photo of Natural Landscape

In this class you'll learn to:

  • Discover the techniques to elevate landscape photos from bland to breathtaking.
  • Capture one-of-a-kind compositions using lens, filter and framing strategies.
  • Learn the secrets of successful shooting at sunrise, midday and sunset.
  • Complete your masterpiece with HDR, panorama and black and white stylizing tips.

Shooting Intimate Landscapes with Rob Sheppard

Shooting Intimate Landscapes

In this class you'll learn to:

  • Capture the unexpected beauty of intimate landscapes right outside your door.
  • Effectively use color, contrast and pattern to create captivating images.
  • Work with natural light at any time of day to create compelling compositions.
  • Enhance your photographs by using wide-angle and telephoto lenses to get unique perspectives.

Check back on our photography classes page later this week and early next as we continue to roll out more photography classes.

What scenes around your home are you anxious to capture as beautiful memories?


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