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What to do When You Need Knitting Help

We’ve all been there. You’re trying to finish a knitting project. Suddenly, you’re stuck. It might be a stitch, it might be the pattern, but you’re confused and ready to toss that knitting right out the window. What to do?

Don’t rip it out in anger. (I’m totally guilty of that!)

Here are some knitting resources that just might save you -- and your precious knitting project.

Knitting Help

The Knitter’s Handbook

If you forgot how to knit a specific stitch, how to increase, how to make a buttonhole, or any other technique you haven’t tried in a while, this is the perfect resource for you. The handbook also covers how to fix common mistakes, like how to pick up dropped stitches and how to rip back stitch by stitch.

The best part is that there are instructions for every type of learner. You can watch a video, look at how-to photos, and read the directions -- all in one place!

Craftsy knitting classes

If you sign up for a Craftsy knitting class, you can access the class videos anytime. This is useful if you’re working on a technique or even a specific stitch. Search the questions that other students have already asked and you just might find a solution for your problem. And if you still need one-on-one help, submit your question to the instructor of the class and you’ll get a helpful reply.

Not sure where to start? Beginners should try Stefanie Japel’s Knit Lab for 24/7 access to basics like knitting, purling, increasing and decreasing. If you knit a lot of socks, perhaps enrolling in Knit Sock Workshop with Donna Druchunas would be more helpful. There’s a class for every skill level and every type of knitter.

Your local yarn store

Your local yarn store is a lifesaver when it comes to choosing yarn, so why not get some knitting help there too? Some yarn stores have devoted weekly workshops just for knitting help, while others are fine with helping you on a drop-in basis. And if the employees are too busy to help right away, chances are there are some other knitters hanging out who might be able to give you a hand. Get some knitting help and make a new friend at the same time!

Knitting buddies

When I’m stuck on something, I show my work to a friend who knits. Often, she can point out right away what I’m doing wrong, and I return the favor when she needs help. Knitting buddies aren’t just good for knitting help. They’re also fun to hang out with when you don’t want to knit alone!


Stuck on a specific type of stitch, like seed stitch or honeycomb? Refer to a "stitchionary" -- a kind of dictionary for stitches -- to find out how to do it. Try the Vogue Knitting Stitchionary or New Stitch a Day.

What are some of your go-to sources when you need knitting help?


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