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Create a New Block This Week With Jacquie Gering

Did you know that you should cut diagonally against the stripes in fabric to make them pop? Discover improvisational piecing tips like these by joining Jacquie Gering, instructor of Craftsy's online class Improvisational Piecing, Modern Design, in this week's episode of Stash Busters as she creates an original block.

Watch to find out how her finished block looks:

Key tips from Jacquie:

  1. Cut your strips into different widths.
  2. Use a ruler grip make cutting safe and more accurate.
  3. Straight lines and gray fabrics are hallmarks of modern quilting!

Do you enjoy improvisational piecing?



This was great. Jacquie is a great teacher – loved her class. More, please?


This was interesting. I am not a fan of grey. However, i do like the technique. I am rather surprised that a quilter would use the lines on the cutting board to line up the fabric. I was taught never to do that because those lines are not necessarily accurate, especially after the board has been used for a while. Having said that, perhaps accuracy is not do crucial in modern quilts.


I saw crisp, straight lines and precise angles in Jacquie’s block. Even modern quilts call for accuracy, unless the design is specifically “wonky” or “wabi sabi.”

Marty Mason

I agree, Flaun. I’ve heard some ‘traditional’ quilters say that modern quilters are dumbing down quilting and I personally think that’s a pretty dumb observation. Improvisational quilting isn’t inaccurate quilting…..says I.


That was a very cool block!! Since it’s improv, can it be reproduced again, exactly the same? I have a hard time with “no structure” as a newbie quilter. Maybe I should take this class 🙂

Vici Fallin

Neat conception. Really liked the sharp crisp look of the block, the gray helped the composition to me.

Joan McNeil

I absolutely LOVE these ideas and designs. I really like quilting, but didn’t much care for the traditional or homespun designs. I’m new to quilting, but now I’m really excited and have several ideas from Jacqui’s Craftsy class. Keep ’em coming!!

Brenda Sleeper

I highly recommend Jacquie’s class. Excellent content, really well presented and easy and entertaining to follow. She gives good tips on where problems may occur and how to avoid or get out of them. She doesn’t follow all the rules. She’s quilted for only a few years so likely doesn’t know them all and isn’t a slave to them! Take her class. You will not regret it! She is a fantastic teacher and quilter.


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