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Abby’s Birthday Party with the Joey the Dog Cake

You might wonder what happens to all of the beautiful cakes our instructors create while filming their online cake decorating classes in Craftsy studios. As it turns out, we always find great ways to make sure they're properly honored-- and devoured.

One of the many perks of working for Craftsy is getting to enjoy the brilliant crafts our instructors concoct. Recently, Craftsy employee Heather threw a birthday party for her daughter Abby. Just that week Elisa Strauss had wrapped up shooting her Sculpted Dog Cake class, so we had an adorable pup cake on our hands, perfect for delighting children and adults alike. So, lucky Abby, was able to celebrate her birthday in style with a strikingly realistic Labradoodle cake. Enjoy the behind the scenes peek below!

dog cake

The pup cake complete with realistic details like a wet nose, glossy eyes, a cute collar and dog tags, sitting pretty alongside a stack of presents.

abby with dog cake

Man's best friend is guaranteed to bring smiles.

dog birthday cake

Can you see me now?

eating dog cake

Time to chow down. Turns out these children are not only dog lovers, they're cake lovers too!

Ready to make your next celebration truly fetching? Learn Elisa’s step-by-step approach to designing, supporting and sculpting your dog cake from the bottom up. Sign up for Sculpted Dog Cake today!


James Hawker

The dog’s coat is very clever. I attempted to recreate my auntie’s cat for her birthday a while ago now, it didn’t end up looking anywhere near as good as this though.

The picture of the dog’s head on a plate is a little bit disturbing though 🙂


What a great idea for Kids Birthday Party !


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