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Shop Spotlight: The Quilt Studio

The Quilt Studio

It’s time for another behind-the-scenes peek at an inspirational crafting retailer we’ve met through Craftsy Connect. This week we got the chance to talk with The Quilt Studio owner Carol Cisar, about the challenges and triumphs of owning a quilting shop in Omaha since 2001, as well as her fun Sew Sweet Shoppe series. Established originally as a longarm quilting business, her store has now grown into a one-stop shopping center for quilt fabric, kits and patterns.

What inspired you to open your own quilting shop in Omaha?

Myself and my daughter, Michelle Boyd, had been long time quilters and were unable to find the contemporary bright colorful fabrics in the area. So we decided to open our own shop.

What was the biggest challenge to getting started?

The biggest challenge was advertising the new shop as it takes quite a while to establish quilting clientel.

What makes your shop unique?
Our shop is unique because we come up with our own fabric combinations for our samples and kits. Whereas other shops generally use what the fabric supplier has offered.

Fabric Combinations
How would you describe the style of fabrics and projects in your shop?
Our style is very modern using unusual fabric combinations from top designer fabrics. Also the use of color in our shop is one of our strong points!

What have you learned about your customers that you didn’t expect?
The thing I have found to be unexpected about our customers is the difficulty they have in putting color and print combinations together, which limits their ability to come up with their own style.

How is Craftsy Connect working for you?
Craftsy Connect is great for us in that we don’t have room or time for classes at our shop and it is a good outlet for our customers to get the instruction and inspiration they need.

Do you have any tips for other retailers on how to get the most out of their Craftsy Connect sales?

Facebook has been good for us both in reaching new customers and referring them to blogs and Craftsy tutorials.

Will you be doing anything new in your shop this year?
This year we plan to expand our children’s fabrics and enlarge our well-known designer fabric lines.

Sew Sweet Shoppe
Can you tell us a bit about your Sew Sweet Shoppe event series?

Sew Sweet is a program where we introduce new products, have show and tell, refreshments, and talk about what is new in the industry.

Any advice for aspiring or current quilters?

I would encourage new or current quilters to search the Internet for blogs, images of others’ works, classes such as Craftsy’s and other inspirational avenues for stepping outside of the box.

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Dawn Roberts

how do I get chalk marking lines out of my quilt. I used a blue chalk roller to make quilting lines, and now I can
t get them out. I’ve washed twice, once with stain remover straight on areas, and I’ve tried water/viniger mixture. Neither is working. HELP!!! I hand pieced a grandmas garden and I want these lines out.


Thanks for the info about Craftsy Connect. The owner of a local quilt shop that I have taken classes from is not interested in using the Internet(?). I would like to motivate her but I don’t think she even uses a computer. I’m sure she struggles to keep her business afloat since she recently has started entering shows(which draws her away from the store) and participates in Shop Hops. She had staffing problems and I suggested contacting the local community college. I even gave her a contact name, but she didn’t follow through. I know you can lead a “horse to water . . . ” She’s a talented gal as I enjoyed taking classes from her but she has long gaps of time in which she doesn’t offer classes. Do you have any suggestions?


I love shopping at the Quilt Studio! They have a great selection of fabric!


I have 2 suggestions: 1st is starch (not sizing, but true starch). A great quilter told me recently that if you starch the heck out of your quilt, then wash it- it will come right out. Something in the starch changes the chemical compound of those markers. 2nd lemon juice. A long time ago someone told me if you’re trying to get a stain out of something, lemon juice is hands down the way to go. Try squeezing fresh lemon juice on to the areas, and lay out to dry in the sun. It will appear dingy and somewhat yellow, but once you wash it those discolorations go away. Now, if you’re not intending to wash the quilt after treatment I’m not sure what to suggest. 🙁 Sorry. Hope these help!


I will have to take a look at “Quilt Studio”.


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