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Social Media for Quilters: Using Flickr

OK, so now we know we're having quilting fun on Instagram. But how many of you share photos of on Flickr? After scrolling back through my own pictures, I realized that I’ve been there for four years, have more than 1,000 pictures in my photostream, and have joined 59 groups!

So what is Flickr? It is a photo and video sharing site. Users create an account, upload photos, and share them with other people. These photos can be viewed by anyone on the internet, but you have to be a member to comment on photos, participate in groups, and upload your own pictures.

There are two different types of membership: Free and Pro. With a free account, you can upload a limited amount of photos and videos every month. If there are more than 200 pictures in your photostream, only the most recent 200 pictures are seen. With a free account, you need to stay active. If there is no activity for 90 days, your account could be deleted. As for the Pro account, there are three options for payment: $6.95 for 3 months, $24.95 for 1 years, or $44.95 for 2 years. There is unlimited upload for photos and videos. When allotted time expires, the account switches back to a free account.

Why is Flickr so great for the online world of quilting? There are so many reasons! Let’s take a look at a few.
Organization. Users can upload and organize all of their photos, separating them into sets. By using specific words to “tag” the photos (like quilt, hand piecing, patchwork, Anna Maria Horner, binding, Dear Jane, etc), users can search for specific photos containing certain elements and themes.

Helpful for bloggers. Once the user uploads their photos to Flickr, they can embed them directly into their blog posts. This provides a host for all of their photos and as well as a quick and easy way to put them into their blog posts. Check out the Craftsy Blog on Flickr!

Groups. Any Flickr member can start a group about a certain topic, and they are in charge of monitoring it. Each group revolves around the specified topic or theme, and people join to interact. Once you are in the group, you can add pictures to the group pool and participate in discussions on the message board. There's even a Craftsy Quilting Club on Flickr! There, Craftsy members share projects that were inspired by Craftsy quilting projects and patterns, connect with fellow Craftsy quilters, and find inspiration for their next projects.

Another Flickr group I love is the Buggy for Heather Ross group. She is one of my favorite designers, so I like to look at the photos there to see her fabrics and how other quilters use them.

flickr groups
Quilting bees and quilt-alongs. Groups are formed as a meeting place for these types of events. Members share photos and participate in discussions here. Two quilt-alongs that I have participated in are the Farmer’s Wife Quilt-along and the Single Girl Support Group. (You can learn more about the Farmer's Wife Quilt here.)

quilting bees
Swaps. Many groups are devoted specifically to swapping items between crafters. These can be supplies, like fabric, or specific completed projects, like mini quilts and pillows. Crafters join and participate in these kind of groups right on Flickr. Two of my favorite groups? The Designer Fabric Stash-Swappy-Poo (swapping designer fabrics) and The Pillow Talk Swap (trading quilted pillows, of course!).

Follow the Craftsy Blog Photostream and join the Craftsy Quilting Club today! If you're not on Flickr, don't forget you can also upload, share, and discuss your quilting projects right here on Craftsy in our Projects section! Come back to the Craftsy blog tomorrow for a behind the scenes peek at an independent quilting studio.

I hope you will take advantage of the groups over at Flickr! Do you have a favorite sewing, swap, or quilt-along group?

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I love Quilt Alongs!!! I recently joined Flickr so that I am able to share the pics each week along with the other participants. I am signed up for two that start next week. One, I’m especially excited over is a beautiful Christmas sampler. And Ive learned most everything Iknow from watching online tutorials!

I was so lucky to find a QuiltMate Pro that is exactly what I need for the all the great Craftsy classes! http://www.quiltmatepro.com
Happy Quilting,


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