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Craftsy Member Ruth Quilts for the Ovarian Cancer Quilt Project

We're absolutely thrilled about the way the Craftsy community is coming together to support the Ovarian Cancer Quilt Project, in conjunction with Craftsy Cares.

We were so excited to receive a picture of a quilt that was donated to the Ovarian Cancer quilt project by a Craftsy talented quilter, after she read about the organization and its efforts on our website.

This gorgeous scrappy tumbler quilt is titled "A Day on the Beach" and features beach houses and light houses on the back side. Better yet, the quilt is reversible. The quilt arrived complete with a note on the Craftsy Cares tag, indicating "Ruth from Jarrell, TX" as the generous donator. So, Ruth, our hats go off to you!

Thanks to everyone that has participated so far! If you haven't had the opportunity yet, now is your chance. The Craftsy Cares project is currently ongoing, and quilts are welcome up until May 31st. For more details about where to send your quilts, head here.

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