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Featured Guest Pinners: Crocheter Kim & Knitter Laura

This week we're joined by two fabulous pinners over on Craftsy’s Pinterest account: Kim Werker and Laura Nelkin. Kim loves crochet, cleverness, crafts, summer camp and good books. As such, her pins cover everything from inspirational sayings to patterns and tutorials, with nearly 2,000 followers tuned in. Laura is the instructor of Craftsy online classes Lace from the Inside OutMastering Lace Shawls, and Knitting with Beads. As such she is currently enamored with lace and incorporating beads into knitted jewelry, so most of her pins, from color to cuteness, lean in this direction. Head on over and follow along with Kim’s Craftsy collaborator board here, as well as Laura’s Craftsy collaborator board here! But first, learn more about both ladies, when they started pinning, and what keeps bringing them back!


Featured Guest Pinner Kim Werker
When and why did you join Pinterest?

I can't remember exactly when I joined, but it was early enough that I needed to be invited, and it was before Pinterest became THE EVERYTHING. I joined because the visual design kind of blew my mind, and also I'm a habitual social-media early adopter. I like collecting stuff online, and I like how Pinterest focuses on collecting imagery and organizing it however you'd like.

Which of your boards is the most popular and did you expect that?

My Crochet board is far and away the most popular. I did expect that, since I've worked professionally in crochet for a long time, and though I don't focus exclusively on crochet in my work anymore, it's how lots of people know me. It's also the board I pin to the most (which I didn't even realize until your question led me to look at all my boards).

We couldn't help but notice your Boler Envy board. Can you tell us a little bit more about that?
Boler camper trailers were made in Canada from the late '60s to the late '70s. They're small, super lightweight fiberglass campers, and I want one. Bad. A friend told me about them a few years ago, suggesting I get one to serve as Mighty Ugly headquarters – like a mobile crafts- and creativity-workshop studio. It won't fly for me as a business expense, but I totally fell in love with the idea of traveling around with one of these. As it happens, my partner is a little fanatical about campers, so we've been fantasizing about buying one off Craigslist, fixing it up and making it pretty, and traveling around the Pacific Northwest for a few summers with our kid and the dog. With airfare so expensive, we figure we'll pay for the trailer and an old car to tow it (our wee Honda Fit won't cut it) in just a few family holidays.

Have you created anything yet from your I Wanna Make It board?

Umm. *looks away* One thing? I visit this board all the time, though, if that counts for anything. I used the lavender-sachet tutorial I pinned to make beanbags for my toddler. But I swear I'm going to make more things on there. Soon. For real.

Your Geekery board is great. What sorts of places do you find those types of pins?

Geeky crafters are legion! I find pins for this board all over the place – from people on Twitter and Facebook, on blogs and websites I read. Lots of times, people I know both online and off- email me about things they think I'll enjoy. I love when people do that. I feel so understood and so loved!

What excites you about pinning with Craftsy this week?

I'm excited to have an excuse to do a lot of pinning. I've been so busy working on my book and on The Holocene, I've not been allowing myself too much time to just surf around. So thank you, Craftsy, for giving me license to pin like a madwoman for a week. Also, I'm looking forward to connecting with more crafters on Pinterest. *waves at crafters*


Featured Pinner Laura Nelkin
How did you first hear about Pinterest and what made you want to join?
I heard about Pinterest when it first came out and I told myself I wasn’t allowed to have another place on-line I would get addicted to that would potentially be a time suck! I steered clear, while many of my friends and colleagues were smitten. But I was like “Oh, no, not me, I’m not falling down that rabbit hole!”

And then one day, I think I was at Craftsy filming my last class, Michael, in the marketing department, convinced me that Pinterest was actually an effective business tool, and that I should totally do it! So I did, I guess all I needed was the justification that it was for “work”…. I will admit, I’m not using it so much for work, but I do use it for play, and organization!

Which of your boards is the most popular and did you expect that?
I did not even know the answer to this question… so I went and looked. It’s my Nelkin Designs board, which isn’t too surprising as many of the people who knit my designs follow me on Pinterest and like to see what I am up to!

Your Adventuring board looks like a lot of fun. What inspired you to create it?
I ADORE traveling. I quickly realized that a functional way for me to use Pinterest was to create pins that would create a visual list of places I’d love to go one day or places I’ve been that are just stunning! It’s starting to become my travel wish list!

Do you have any favorite pins on your Nelkin Designs Knits board?
Yes, I do! My original intention with this board was to Pin projects knit in my patterns by others. Just look at this Jamie Lee… this knitter has so much style! I adore seeing her rock this summer sweater!

Have you ever tried to create any of the pins on your Yum board?
I have and actually I think that my Yum board is the board I personally use the most. Although I have an extensive collection of cookbooks (some might call it an addiction) I’ve started referring to the Internet more and more for recipes. I’ve found that if I pin them then when it’s time to meal plan for the week I can justify a little Pinterest time!

It helps when the recipes have beautiful photos, of course, but I’ll pin something just to find the recipe again even if the photo isn’t my favorite. I’m functional like that! I’ve made the Zuchini Tots, Make Ahead Oatmeal Smoothies (a fav of ours), Shakshuka, massaged Kale Salad, and more. In fact, I just got hungry and a little inspired to cook dinner just looking at it the board with you!

What excites you about pinning with Craftsy this week?
To say that I’ve been busy lately is an understatement… I’ve been super super busy! I’m writing a book, launching a Mystery KAL, and teaching online and in person, and as a result, “me” time has been curtailed quite a bit! I am looking at this week as a little treat! I get to spend time on Pinterest, call it “work” and load up on inspiration…. How fun! Thanks so much, Craftsy, for inviting me to be a guest pinner!

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