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Whether you prefer appliqué, paper piecing, quilt design, free-motion quilting, modern quilting, or traditional quilting, let’s all come together to chat about our passion– quilting! With Craftsy's Quilting Live Pin chat on Pinterest you'll have a blast sharing all things quilting- from stories and memories to tips and tricks, with your fellow quilters.


As might have guessed from our first live pin chat, here at Craftsy, we love being part of such a creative and artistic community on Pinterest, and enjoy discussing ideas and aspirations. In case you're not already familiar with Pinterest, it's an online platform perfect for sharing and organizing beautiful photos of patterns, projects, tips, and more.

The Quilting Live Pin Chat is a real time Q&A session tomorrow (Wednesday April 17th at 3pm PT/ 6pm ET) on Pinterest. We will ask fun quilting questions and we want you to respond. We will pin a new question every 10 minutes; for example, “What's your favorite quilt block?” To participate, just answer the question in the comment section immediately under the pin, and then re-pin the image to your favorite Pinterest board. Having done that, you will be automatically entered to win a $100 Amazon gift card!

Don't miss out! Head here to follow Craftsy on Pinterest so you will be able to see and enjoy the chat when it begins Wednesday afternoon.


Velia Lauerman

Sewing/QUILTING has been a passion as long as I can remember. Maybe I was a toddler and put down for a nap and discovered patchwork on My Granny’s bed. Studying the ART of needlework ( embroidery, patchwork, fabrics, HandQuilting, Machine Quilting, ClothDolls, KITCHEN QUILTS, having 1-fabricTOP ( printed, embroidered, pieced, appliquéd ) 2- BATTING, 3- BACKING, 4- QUILTED, 5- BINDING on ApplianceCovers,PlaceMats, hotPanHolders, ChefHats,Aprons ,well Quilts used in the Kitchen. AllTypes of Sewing even mending,restoration, QuiltAppraisals and of course limbering my fingers on the Piano. My Quilt Study’s continue in My 1872 brick 2400 sq.ft home in Hudson, Michigan. USA . These days I use the I pad to have My desires become real. Historian/Librarian for Belleville,Michigan USA keeps our 80 guildMembers filled with Sewing ideas. WesternWayneCountyQuiltingGuild 1994 has stopLights,workshops,SewIns to add to our fun.

Angel Hudson

I love love love quilting. My great grandmother and grandmother taught me and now I am making quilts for everyone I know. I have taken over 3 rooms in my home for quilting. My husband and I purchased a home in Beloit, Wisconsin that at one time was the only Brothel in town. Our home was built in 1857 and the city of Beloit was established in 1856. I love displaying my quilts in our home and making pot holders and pillows that fit in with the era of our home..I have 3716 sq ft with 6 bedrooms and 3 full baths. I have lots of rooms to decorate and make things for. We have only been here 2 yrs so far so i have a long time to play and figure it out.

Linda Gremillion

I love quilting. I don’t know any other group of people who when they get up the first they do is go to their sewing machines. For me it is almost an addiction; I can’t stop quilting. I am even looking at my little scraps and wondering what I can do with them. Hate throwing away even little pieces of material.


I completely understand about the scraps. I have to ask myself if a scrap is big enough to do something with or if I’m just wasting space. 🙂


I am very passionate about quilting. When I retired I vowed to make a quilt for each member of my family. I am still working on this and enjoying it very much. I see fabric and have ideas of how to use it. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t.


As an empty-nested homemaker I found it necessary to find an interest to occupy my mind and my time. Thanks to Craftsy, I have spent the past year learning to quilt…and I love it! There’s still so much for me to learn, but I grab up new classes as I can and keep on quilting. Only another crafter/quilter will understand my sense of accomplishment and pride each time I take my quilt off the sewing machine for the last time.

Thank you Craftsy for making it so easy to learn a new craft! Maybe I’ll tackle cake decorating?!?


I started sewing at a young age. Taking classes at 12 and making a long jean jacket. Remember when those were popular? If not your a lot younger than me. I started piecing quilts around 1993, but just started FMQ at the end of 2012 and I love it. Craftsy has been a great learning platform and nice to see and talk to other ppl that love to quilt. Everyone is so helpful. Love the classes and keep seeing new ones I want to take.


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