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How to Make Isomalt Jewels

Edible sugar jewels are all the rage! They are fun, beautiful and add class (and bling) to any cake! Isomalt is the perfect sugar to work with, because it stays crystal clear and is extremely versatile. You are going to love working with isomalt, especially if you have signed up for one of Craftsy’s online class Intro to Isomalt taught by Charity Pykles-George!

Let’s dive into what you will need to make isomalt jewels.

isomalt supplies

  • Isomalt (There are many types, which we will discuss in just a minute.)
  • Jewel molds (These need to be made for isomalt. Pouring hot isomalt into some candy molds that are not rated for high temperatures could cause the mold to melt and cause a big mess. There are also silicone molds available.)
  • Cooking spray
  • Silicone cups (These are silicone cupcake cups that I found at a local craft store. Silicone is heat resistant and these are much cheaper than silicone bowls.)
  • Toothpicks
  • Gloves

There are many types of Isomalt out there and you can get it in a powder form that you cook yourself or you can get it in awesome pre-cooked colors and shapes made by Cake Play. In that latter case, all you have to do is melt them in the microwave for a few seconds!

First, we want to prepare our molds. Spray your molds with a cooking spray, getting a nice coat on the entire mold. Then using a paper towel, wipe the excess off of the top of the mold.

types of isomalt

Now we are ready to melt our Isomalt!

melt isomalt

Always remember to use extreme caution when working with isomalt and never put isomalt in a glue gun! Be sure to wear gloves. Gloves that are perfect for working with isomalt and sugars are available online. However, I did not have the fancy gloves, so I used dish washing gloves that were super clean and new. They are not ideal, but they are better than nothing.

Just remember to use common sense when working with hot liquids: don’t work with it around children and make sure you can concentrate fully on your isomalt project until it is complete.

Since I am warming up my isomalt nibs in the silicone baking dishes that are rather small, I am placing them on a plate. So I am able to move them around on the plate rather than trying to carry the hot silicone molds around.

heat the nibs

Heat the nibs or the broken sticks in the microwave for 20 seconds at a time. Check them every 20 seconds and then place them back in for another 20 seconds.

It took about 1 minute to melt 5 nibs.

melt isomalt

Once the isomalt is melted, there will be lots of bubbles. Use a toothpick to stir around the isomalt until most of the bubbles have gone away. We don’t want bubbles in our isomalt jewels.

pour isomalt

Once the bubbles are gone, slowly pour the melted isomalt into the wells. It is best to keep the isomalt at a thin stream to help get rid of extra bubbles.

Once they are all poured, you only need to wait about 10-15 minutes and then the isomalt jewels are ready to be placed on your cake!

isomalt jewels

To place isomalt jewels on your cake, melt down Isomalt in the same colors as the jewels. Then, using a small toothpick, rub a small amount on your jewel and stick it to your cake. See, I told you it was easy.

What types of cakes do you like to use isomalt jewels on?

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Scarlette Hobbs

Are these “jewels” sweet, like lifesavers? I feel sure children will try to eat them

patnashea bell

i think they are just amazingwhere do you buy isomalt ?


They are sweet, but they are not flavored, so they just taste like sugar, but they are actually almost sugar free…only a few calories.


Thank you ever so much! Some of the stuff is not avaiable overhere, and I have different names. But the how to…. Tnx




Hello Wendy
I have some questions please:
1. Can I flavor sugar nibs? Which liquid do you recommend to use and when do I need to add it (on what stage of the process)?
2. I’m from Israel and we prefer moss-cakes and cream-cakes rather than fondant 😉 can I put the isomalt works on these kind of creams? Can I refrigerate after I decorate the cake with it?


Thank you for your questions! 1) To flavor the nibs you will want to add candy flavoring. You can add extracts, but the flavors will not be very strong and if you add too much flavoring you can make your isomalt too runny. 2) Isomalt begins to dissolve if placed on cream cakes, so if you are going to place them on a cake I would add them right before you deliver it. You may have a few hours before it is noticeable. I think refrigeration would help slow down the gems from dissolving. If your gems become cloudy, you can touch them up with a little spray oil like PAM.
I hope this helps! Good luck!!!


I want to use isomalt candies on the side of a cake covered with fondant; with the temperatures higher at this time of the year and the humidity; higher; how can I make these work best please?


There is a candy lacquer you can buy at cake decorating supply stores to keep your gems shiny because they will most likely get cloudy very quickly.Also attach the gems to the fondant using a a small dab of melted isomalt. This will help then adhere better.
Good luck!


How long can isomalt jems be stored, and were do i store them. How long will they keep for.

Ger whelan

How do you stop the gems going sticky?


where on earth do you find the isomalt -i have checked the bulk food stores here in canada and they do not know what i am talking about.


What type of coloring will I use? If i want to make it acqua marine. Tnx


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