Happy 2nd Birthday Craftsy!

Yesterday we celebrated Craftsy's two year anniversary with a birthday blowout in our production studios. In true Craftsy style, there were accompanying crafting activities, all part of the Race to the Finish: a raffle for everyone who completed all eight games. The challenge was a metaphor for the indispensable role our Finishing Editors play, always collecting notes from different team members before editing them into a final class.

party crowd

Here's the team preparing for a rendition of Happy Birthday.


One of the Race to the Finish activities was forming adorable penguins from fondant. From shaping the body and wings, to fashioning the beak and drawing in the eyes, Linda Permann and Grace Baumgartner led the way. Enjoy the Craftsy march of the penguins! (Coincidentally yesterday was actually World Penguin Day.)

penguin making

The team sure is fond of fondant!

penguin making

Some penguins enjoying a little rest and relaxation, with a few notable exceptions . . .

penguin march

Todd and his two sons, just chillin'.

three penguins

Wide-rim glasses, too cool. 

hipster penguin

Another station featured a fun game called the Superpowers of Observation. In this challenge, a photo was laid out on the table, and you had to recreate the photo in-person using the materials on hand: rotary cutter, quilt rulers, art supplies, etc. This was an example of keeping continuity on set, similar to the job our Switchers do every day.


And the Wheel of Pattern quilt wheel game offered fun and relaxing outlet. In this activity, people spun a wheel and made a quilt block determined by what they landed on, from strips to fusing, and much more!


Don't forget the quarter-inch seam!


Precisely piecing triangles.


Other stations included Producer Taboo (a variation on the board game where people had to describe a word without saying the word itself because producers give a lot of direction on set and often have to get creative with their phrasing), Punctuation Intoxication (where folks had to pin punctuation on a sentence, similar to what our Presentation Team does everyday), and Title Card Spoofs (where people guessed what was wrong with class marketing materials).


There was even a cake, complete with our Craftsy founders!

craftsy cutting cake

Thank you for two fantastic years. Here's to many more!


Jennifer Boyd

That’s awesome! Congratulations to all of you. Thanks for providing a great place for us “crafters”.

Sharon Griffith

i wld like to wish u all a happy birthday also and say thank you for being here. i m a huge follower and appreciate you all.


Happy HAPPY Birthday, WONderful Folks!! You bring joy to soooo many – may all the joy you give away return to you packed down and pouring over!!!
Hugs, Bonnie B.


Happy Birthday. It i great to see that your team really is made up of crafters. Keep up the good work. Your blog and web site are both addictive.


Congratulations and happy birthday to everybody at Craftsy!! You have accomplished amazing things in a short time! Thank you for all you do for us crafters!

Glana Ricci

I will write in my language, you guys have to figure out! LOL
Para mim é uma honra fazer parte do mundo Craftsy!
Parabéns por 2 anos de sucesso e que venham muito mais anos!

Megan C

Happy birthday and thank you for your wonderful educational website. Now my daughters are on here and a friend! Keep growing, you have something wonderful!


Congratulations Craftsy – I love you – there is always something inspiring here- I agree with Ladymax Craftsy is Addicting!!

Ray in CA

Congrats!!! I am a true Craftsy lover!!!

Cindy Anderson

Happy Birthday! …and many, many more! Love Craftsy classes,patterns, and yarns!!!


Happy Birthday you wonderful Craftsy people!! Thanks for making it so easy to participate in the classes & for recruiting such wonderful teachers – you’re ensuring my retirement is full to bursting with things to learn!

Gene Black

Thanks for a wonderful two years. I have learned a lot and had a lot of fun. I hope you have many MANY more birthdays. And next year- invite me to the party!

Anita Grossman Solomon

A classic old-fashioned birthday party celebrated ‘at home’ and accessorized with smiles. Sweet. Happy Birthday to you all with many returns of the day.

Lisa M

Congratulations Craftsy!! I love your site! Thank you for existing!


Awesome! Keep up the good work!


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