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Featured Guest Pinners: Wendy & Jenn

Wendy Cushing, Founder of Wendy's Hat, is very visual and loves to look at beautiful things from flowers to hats. With over 25,000 followers tuned in each day, Wendy pins cakes, bread, candles and more, and even has a board just for chocolateJenn Sbranti, Founder of Hostess with the Mostess, Inc. is a designer, with a “thing” for parties – party decor in particular. As such her pins are all about color and eye candy! From diaper cakes to beach party ideas, you'll love her eclectic cheerful pins. Join the fun and follow along with Wendy’s Craftsy collaborator board here, as well as Jenn’s Craftsy collaborator board here! But before you go, learn more about both ladies' unique boards, and how they developed such large followings.

Featured Guest Pinner Wendy

When and why did you join Pinterest?

I have been using Pinterest for more than 2 years. I was one of the early pinners that was invited to try it Pinterest out back when it was mainly being used by interior designers, artists, and a few crafty bloggers. It's been such a part of my life for so long that it's become a habit that I wouldn't know how to do without anymore. So much has changed about Pinterest since the beginning but I mainly use it as a place to bookmark great recipes, design ideas, and really for saving sewing and crafty ideas/patterns. It's so convenient to just click the pin it button when I am reading blogs and websites each week.

Your Chairs board is so unique. Can you tell us a little more about it like why you started it and where you find your pins?

Chairs! Yes I have a love affair, okay you can call it an obsession, with chairs! I'm not sure why but I do remember purchasing a chair as a girl at a garage sale that had a heart shaped back and was called a sweetheart chair. I put it in my room. I remember when the legs broke and I was talked into throwing it out. What I wouldn't give to have it back again. I have a collection of chairs in every room of my home, including bathrooms. Each of the three bathrooms in my home has a full sized wing back chair in it that matches the unique decor of each room. A creamy/white damask in my master bathroom, large flowers in soft colors for the children's bathroom and a burgundy leather in my downstairs guest bathroom, which is decorated like a gentleman's library, complete with book wallpaper. I usually find great chairs to pin when I am checking out monthly design sites that I like to keep up with or looking at what designers are currently doing.

Your Fabric Things board looks like so much fun. Do you have any favorite pins there?

Wow! I have 500 hundred pins in this board and they are all my favorites. I really want to make bright and beautiful colored pillow cases. I have pinned about 5 different variations of fabric notebook or journal covers and this one I actually did make. I think these rag letters are adorable and I would love to make a headboard like this one day; it inspires me!

When I started this Fabric Things board, and I've had this problem with other boards too, I needed a place to put things made from fabric. Now it is so large that it really needs to be split into smaller categories of fabric things. I have a deep love for sewing. Being creative and my love for sewing has been in my soul since I was a very young girl. At 8 years old I begged my mother to take a sewing class that I saw advertised in our Shopping Mall. My mother doesn't sew or make things at all but, lucky for me, she has encouraged and supported my LOVE for all things creative since that very first class. Needless to say I started making my own clothes at 8 years old and my first quilt at 9 years old and that grew into a love of all things fabric related. Pinterest has been like my own dream collage of all the things I would love to have time to make! Wouldn't you all agree?

Which of your boards is the most popular and did you expect that?

Now that Pinterest is offering it's own built in analytics, I need to take time to go over this in more detail, but the top 2 for number of followers and repins are my Button Love and my Quilts. My third favorite board is my Pincushion Board. I have a love for pincushions and collect them in real life too!  I actually love all my Pinterest boards, they are like children to me and how could you not love them all?

Your Cakes board is awesome! Have you made any of them?

My Cakes board is right there in my top 5 most popular boards. One of my most viral pin is in this board and is my least favorite cake too! I just pinned it because it was unique, it's the NY Yankees Cake and it has over 3800 repins and is beating out the Red Sox Cake that has only 2400 repins. Funny huh? I have only made two of the cakes that I have pinned, one being an old family favorite recipe and the other being my a Strawberry Cake that my Grandma was also famous for making when I was a girl, but would LOVE to make them all!

What excites you about pinning with Craftsy this week?

I am really excited to be here pinning with Craftsy this week because I think they are a great group of creative people. I'm also excited to meet many great new friends. I love being social! I can be found on social media everywhere as Wendys Hat. This week I hope learn from all of YOU and your creative pins and share some of my inspiration with all of you while we laugh and have some fun! I love making new friends and am truly grateful for the chance to meet all of you. I feel that there is something that each of us has to share that no one else can and I'd love to find out what each of you have to share with the world.


Featured Pinner Jenn Sbranti

When and why did you join Pinterest?
I officially joined in May of 2011, but was pretty reluctant to let myself dive in for a while because I just knew I'd get sucked in for hours and hours on end! I couldn't hold out for too long though, and definitely fell in love with it the minute I started using it, as expected.

Which of your boards is the most popular and did you expect that?
The general Party Ideas board is the most popular, which isn't all that surprising, but Sweet Treats & Desserts and Adorable Appetizers are both very close behind. Turns out people really like cute and pretty food! Shocking, right?

Your Party Ideas board is awesome! Can you tell us a little more about it like why you started it and where you find your pins?
Thank you! That was actually the very first custom board I made after joining. It's a catch-all place for creative ideas and concepts that could work well across a variety of themes or occasions. I pin ideas to it from all over the web – including the albums by our community members on Hostess with the Mostess, our own blog, external blogs and websites, my Pinterest feed, etc.

Your Garlands Galore board looks like so much fun. Have you created any that you have pinned?
Yes! I love party garlands and have actually made several that I've pinned - including the Taco Shell garland for my husband's birthday last year, several of the paper & fabric garlands, and – most recently – a sand dollar garland for a beach themed shoot a from couple weeks ago. I'm still looking for an excuse to make the neon dinosaur garland from the board cover though.

Which of your party boards from Nautical to St. Patrick's is your favorite?
I love seeing things done in new ways, so Crafty DIY Projects is probably my very favorite board. When it comes to specific themes though, I've always had a soft spot for Alice in Wonderland.

What excites you about pinning with Craftsy this week?
I'm really excited to pin with my fellow DIY-loving crowd! We do tons of crafting for parties at HWTM, but usually lean towards the simpler and quicker projects since not everyone in our audience is necessarily DIY-oriented. I'm going to use this week an excuse to explore some of the crafty projects that might be a little more involved, as well as the gazillions of sewing and crocheting projects I always fall in love with, but can't necessarily do myself… yet at least.

In case you missed it, learn more about our guest pinners from last week here.


Wendys Hat

What an honor for me to be working with the talented people at Craftsy! Thank you.

Vanessa, DeSuMama

I just love Wendy! As silly as it sounds, I can always depend on her pins to brighten up my day… her attitude is bright, and it shows in everything she does online! I also really love Jenn’s party tips – her site provides so much inspiration! Great selection for guest pinners!

Cat Yates

Wendy you are so fun! I love your pins. While my taste doesn’t match yours, I love having “eye candy” around my house, so you have given me some great ideas. Thanks!

Gina H

Wendy has such a way of showing the beauty in everything! She’s by far one of my favorite people to follow on pinterest! <3 Her!


I just love Wendy! Not only do I love following all of her pretty things on her blog and on Pinterest but she is just as beautiful in person, inside and out.

Megan Chamberlin

Wendy’s boards are so addicting! Not that Pinterest isn’t already a giant time vacuum, but so many inspired ideas and gorgeous images give me a special kind of “Ooh, shiny!” feeling. 🙂


Wendy rocks! She’s such a fun, warm person with a great attitude. I’m not quite a Pinterest addict but I do enjoy checking things out from time to time and seeing what Wendy is up to. How can you not? She’s on so many awesome adventures!


I love the diversity on Wendy’s boards, I have to set a timer when I check her pins or I’ll get lost into the vortex! I guess I’ll have to get a cup of coffee and check out Jenn’s boards now, I didn’t have any plans today anyway 😉


Wendy is awesome and at it again! Though I love following all her pretty collections pictures, my favorite are of her travels. She always puts such a great perspective on things. So glad to see her being recognizded here!

Brandie (@ Home Cooking Memories)

Craftsy, I knew I liked you! You chose my favorite Pinterest pinner of all time (WendysHat) and I just started following Jenn from Hostess from the Mostess (I’ve followed the blog, but apparently not their Pinterest). Both totally ROCK their boards!! So much awesomeness.


Love Wendy and her pintrest boards! I am amazed at the creative things she comes up with!

Lisa Cash Hanson

Wendy I LOVE your boards 🙂 Plus your photography is really amazing too. Rock on girl xoxox


The Chairs board is just one of my favorites from Wendy’s boards! Love them all though, she’s one of the best pinners to follow!

katie - Las Vegas Photographer

New Follower that is in Love! Thanks for my inspiration expansion today 🙂


i enjoy your amazing crafts they are beautiful


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