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Featured Guest Pinners: Jewelry Designer Kate & Quilter Kimberly

Don’t miss out on this week’s fabulous pinners over on Craftsy’s Pinterest account:  Kate Richbourg and Kimberly Jolly. A designer and teacher for over a decade, Kate has appeared at national shows, bead societies and bead shops, and has been published in a variety of jewelry magazines. She's also the instructor of two Craftsy classes: Micro Torch Basics (a free class!) and Metalsmithing at Home. Because Kate loves everything about jewelry, her pins tend to be metal, wire, beads and more. Kimberly loves crafts, sewing, quilting and fabrics. With nearly 4,000 followers tuned in each day, she shares everything from home decor and projects for kids to tutorials and quilt blocks. Come along and follow Kate’s Craftsy collaborator board here, as well as Kimberly’s Craftsy collaborator board here! And then learn more about both ladies and their pinning methods below.


Featured Guest Pinner Kate Richbourg
How did you first hear about Pinterest and what made you want to join?
I was an early adopter of Pinterest. I read about it on one of the many craft blogs that follow. The post was was about how you could keep all of your online references and inspiration in one place. I was the queen of bookmarking pages to revisit later. My bookmark menu was a mess of random, confusing links that I never revisited but did not want to delete. Pinterest really changed that for me. From day one I was so excited that I could refer to things that caught my fancy on the web and actually find and sort them easily. I must have spend 3 hours in my initial pinning session. Time does seem to have no meaning when you are on Pinterest!

Your Printables board is so clever. How did you get the idea?

Thanks! When I found cool printables online I always used to print them out as I was afraid that I could never find them again. Not such a great paper-saving idea. People are so generous to design and post such helpful things to print out. From calendars to pretty labels, it's all there. Now I just pin all of the cool things I find and print as I need them.

Do you know which project you'll tackle next from your My Quilt Queue board?

I actually just spent a weekend at a quilt retreat with my mom and worked with this tutorial that features a quilt made entirely of half-square triangles. I perfected my technique and added a few touches of my own. I pinned pictures of my progress. You can see it here.

We couldn't help but notice your Dollies board. What inspired you to begin that?

Oh dollies! I love interesting dolls. I don't have many of them and actually only had a couple of well-loved ones as a child, but for some reason I find them compelling. Way, way back in my crafting past my mom and a dear friend of mine used to make interesting, fairly non-traditional cloth dolls. We even attended a yearly show called "Doll University" that now sadly, is defunct. But over the years my love of dolls continues and I have picked up my needle and thread recently and have made a few. I found a cool china doll and have started making her an old-fashioned and stylish wardrobe. She only has two dresses so far, but one is for day and one for evening, so she has her basses covered. You can see her here and here.

Which of your boards is the most popular and did you expect that?

Well the board that I am surprised that people follow is called Kate & Mary. It really is a tribute to the friendship between my friend Mary and I. It consists of fun snapshots of pairs of ladies through the ages. It is a tribute to close girlfriends in general, like looking at little snippets of the lives of friends. There are also a few pics of the real Kate and Mary sprinkled in among the imaginary ones.

What excites you about pinning with Craftsy this week?

It's great to have an opportunity to share what I find interesting with my Craftsy friends (after all aren't all crafty, Craftsy people friends?) Plus pinning with a purpose removes all guilt about a 3-hour pinning session!


Featured Guest Pinner Kimberly
When and why did you join Pinterest?
I joined Pinterest for our shop, Fat Quarter Shop. We work in a visual industry, surrounded by gorgeous fabric and quilts, and wanted a place to share all of the prettiness we see every day with the world. And to collection inspiration. Pinterest is a giant pool of inspiration! Pinterest is a great way to keep tabs on up and coming trends that quilters love.

Which of your boards is the most popular- did you expect that?
Our Watch and Learn! board is very popular and usually has the most repins. Probably because everyone can learn something from a tutorial! We pin blog tutorials, like Sew4Home’s Piecing Quilt Blocks by Machine tutorial and videos from various places. Our favorite tutorials on the board would have to be the videos from our YouTube channel. They are just so much fun to make, and we love knowing that our tutorial might help a fellow quilter learn a thing or two!

We love your Sewing Spaces board. Have you used any of the techniques you've pinned in your own sewing space?
Well, some of the pins ARE mine! We blogged about my sewing room a few months back and pinned the images there! After all, it is a sewing space that gets used very frequently! I do pull inspiration from the sewing spaces I pin, because they are such creative uses of space. I love that sewing rooms don’t have to be large to be functional; you just have to be smart about organization. My husband may not love this board as much because there seems to be a direct correlation between pinning and needing to redecorate/rearrange my sewing room.

Your Sew Retro board is adorable! Do you have any favorite pins there?
We are big fans of the retro fabric that has been popping up these days. Jeni Baker’s Color Me Retro really caught our eye and we love almost everything she does with it! Our favorite pin on the Sew Retro board has to be her Florette Embroidery pattern. That fabric pattern is so gorgeous, and it looks great embroidered!

Your FQS Staff Gets Crafty board looks like a lot of fun. Any favorite projects that stand out?
I make quilts for all of my kids and I love that those are on there. Their quilts always make me smile. (Emma’s big girl bed quilt and the twins’ Dr. Seuss room)

What excites you about pinning with Craftsy this week?
We are so excited to share our creativity with the Craftsy fans! We are a quilting specific store, but we think that crafters in all areas will appreciate our work!

Catch our featured pinners on Monday of next week. And in case you missed it, learn more about our guest pinners from last week.

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