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New Global Navigation on Craftsy: Explore Your World

Look out for this change happening at 2pm MDT today!

We heard what many of our members wanted, and we’re giving it to you! We’re excited to announce new global navigation for, featuring a category menu. This means you can now easily browse everything has to offer within the specific craft you’re most passionate about: whether it's quilting, knitting, sewing, cake decorating, or another.

What does this mean for you?

  • A homepage tailored to your interests.
  • Fewer clicks to find your favorite classes, patterns, projects, and supplies.
  • An overall easier browsing experience for enjoying the things that matter the most to you.


A few changes you might notice:

  • From the top navigation bar, when you open the main category menu, you’ll be able to select your favorite category and easily find classes, patterns, projects and supplies that inspire you. If you select “Everything” you’re able to browse just like you used to.
drop down
  • If you enjoy sharing your favorite Craftsy things on your social networks, note that your sharing icons have moved to top right corner.
  • Workshops have been removed from the main navigation. But, don’t worry; if you’re enrolled in a workshop it still appears in your My Craftsy profile. In addition, you can find our workshops (now, known as Pattern Workshops) by selecting "Everything" and visiting the "Patterns" page.

What lies ahead?
We strive to continue to improve your experience! Be on the look out for a universal site search box — to find results across classes, patterns, projects, and supplies, up next! As well as sub-themes within each category for our class catalog — such as Machine Quilting, Garment Sewing, Knitting Techniques, Fondant and more — so you can find exactly what you’re looking for faster.

Thank you for helping to make better!



When is this change supposed to take effect?


Hi Tanja, Sorry for the confusion- this change will be taking place around 2pm MDT today!

Sheryl Miller

This looks like it is going to be great – very user friendly.
Thank you.

leonor gomez

estoy interesada en saber coser;gracias.

Norma Jean Kroos

Craftsy, I didn’t think your site could be improved on. To go where I wanted was very easy. I was wrong! They changes your team has made have made maneuvering around “Craftsy” so much easier and very efficient. Wow……you all are an amazing team. Thank you so much for making our classes easier to take and your products easier to see and purchase.
I love when I’m wrong, you have gone above and beyond my expectations.
Thank you again and you all deserve a raise!

Jennifer Schifano Thomas

I have noticed the changes and everything seems to be running smoothly. It seems easy to navigate. Will it be easier for people to find me and my patterns in this way?

peggy rizzo

I like sewing and do some knitting and crotchet.


I enjoy quilting, wool work and knitting.


love most all handicrafts


Love this site


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