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Our April Fool’s Joke: Did You Know?

You might recall that last year on April Fool’s Day we released a pasta crafts class to take part in the spirit of tom foolery typically celebrated on April 1st. Well, this year we were back at it, trying to make our Craftsy members smile again. Did you notice we released Foundations of Foil Fashion on April Fool’s Day? If you guessed it was a joke, you were right!

In our fake foil class we encouraged you to turn your burrito wrappers into bustiers, wrap your leftovers in last year’s lingerie, and create designs you’ll never see on anybody else. Plus, we also gave you a peek into how Madame Sylvia Reynolds discovered her interest in foil, with our Maker Monday blog post. Since you came along for the ride in good spirits, now we want to show you the making of the joke from behind the scenes. Let’s dig in!

Presentation Editor Katherine Greden in her “Madame Sylvia Reynolds” persona, complete with foil turban. “We were brainstorming April Fool’s video ideas — Knitted Appliance Cozies, Dust Bunny Crafts, Perfect Toast at Home — and it occurred to me that foil fashion would be an easy and fun material to use in a parody class. Everyone on the team could have some involvement and it would almost — but not quite — believable as a class”

Producer Jane Glenn oversees the set dressing.

Presentation Editors Jonathan Garcia and J.C. O’Connell work on foil props. The larger foil dress was inspired in part by a cake topper from Craftsy Instructor Ann Heap’s class, Cake Topper Techniques: Figure Modeling, and was built by Jonathan and his brother, Joseph Garcia, with help from Kristin Bellini. Associate Presentation Editor Abby Claybough created other accessories for the set, including “Madame Reynolds'” ring.

With the pieces were made, it was time to begin shooting! Take a peek at the Craftsy studios where “Madame Sylvia Reynolds” was busy ironing foil.

Foil fashion for the whole family. Even a couple of Craftsy kids got in on the fun!

A foil train, one of many foil props our Production team enjoyed making. Once we got started creating with foil it was hard to stop. See, the possibilities really are endless!

So did you know it was a joke and did you enjoy it? Would you wear a foil dress? Let us know in the comments!



I just thought you had gone completely crazy.

Pat Zajac

What great fun! How wonderful it is to have a “fun” time break from the regular daily routine. Way to go!!

Anita Grossman Solomon

Foil’s Day

You totally got me.
I thought this was an alternative to making a usable duct tape mannequin. After all, I used Reynolds freezer paper in my Craftsy quilt class.
Tsk, tsk 🙂
(you are so cool)

Barbara Ogden

Realistically foil is a terrific medium to use as a base for constructing a customized dress/pantsform.


I had seen the pasta course last year & was eager to see what you’d do this year…this was even better! I’d be interested to know what you’d do with dust bunnies…I have so many now I’m spending more and more time watching craftsy and sewing lol!


I did know it was a joke and it was fun to check out the whole thing! I loved it! At first I wasn’t going to go to the class video ad, but I am glad I did. It looked like everyone had fun!

susan p

Yes I knew it was a spoof. It was hilariously funny. Made my day brighter. I even shared it with a friend who also enjoyed it.


I loved the “save on other new classes this week” part of the video!

J.B. Stroebel


carole tomaszewski

I loved it. It is easy to see that everyone at Craftsy has a lot of fun everyday.Keep up the fun !!

Danielle Roberts

The Madame Sylvia was one of the funniest things ever! Thanks for the good laugh. You guys have a wonderful up-lifting job. Stay happy. And thanks for making your readers laugh……we need more websites like yours in this world.


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