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Using Piping Bags

Using piping bags to add flare to your cakes is fun, but before you get started putting them to work, you need to fill them. There are many ways to fill a piping bag; you can use disposable piping bags, reusable piping bags, parchment paper piping bags and some people even use Ziploc piping bags. So which one should you use?

Well, that is up to you to decide! I prefer disposable bags because I hate cleaning up the mess at the end of a very long day! You can see a great way to make parchment paper piping bags in Joshua John Russell’s online cake decorating class, Modern Piping, and Colette Peters shows her favorite way to fill a piping bag in her class, Vintage Cakes, Modern Methods, but no matter which one you choose, I have a great way to help you get your icing from the bowl into the bag with less mess and less stress!

First, here is what you will need.

Using Piping Bags


  • A disposable piping bag (or a reusable bag if you prefer)
  • A coupler and collar
  • The tip you will be using
  • A rubber band or something to seal off the end
  • A tall pilsner shaped glass (actually this one is made of plastic) with a sturdy base
  • A large ice cream scoop, or spatula

I learned this easy method from a friend of mine, Melissa Hart, owner of Cookie Cousins here in Orlando, FL. The first thing you want to do is snip off the tip of the disposable bag. Go up about ¾ inch from the tip and cut.

Using Piping Bags For Cake

Now, insert the coupler. The coupler does not need to go all the way to the end of the bag. It can, but it is not necessary as you will be placing the tip over the bag and screwing on the collar.

Piping Bags

Once your coupler is in, you can now place your chosen tip on the end and attached by screwing on the collar.


Once you have your piping bag completely assembled, place the bag inside the Plastic footed Pilsner, and fold the remaining part of the bag over the outside of the cup.

Piping Glass

Using an ice cream scoop or a spatula, fill your piping bag while keeping it in the Pilsner. This method helps give you 2 free hands to hold the bowl and the scoop or the spatula while keeping the mouth of the bag open and clean.


We are filling the bag with royal icing, but this can be done using buttercream as well.

Filling Piping Bag

If you are filling a large bag, you can look around your house or bakery for a container that works and holds the larger bags. I fill 18” bags with cake batter to easily and cleanly “pipe out” cupcake batter into cupcake liners.

Once your bag is full, tap it on the counter to help get rid of bubbles. Gather the bag, making sure to get rid of the air, and then tie it off with a rubber band or the nifty little purple ties by Wilton.

Full Piping Bag

You now have a nice, clean bag ready for piping!

Ready Piping Bag

Oh, think of the cakes you can dream up with a full bag of royal icing!

Be sure to come back the Craftsy blog on Saturday to learn how to make beautiful ruffled buttercream cakes!



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