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Sushi Cakes: Cake Decorating Trend Alert

Making cakes that look like other things is certainly not new at this point. In fact, here at Craftsy, we've got online cake decorating classes designed to show you how to create cakes that look designer handbags as well as dinosaurs. But something we've seen more and more of are cakes that look like other kinds of food. Now, again, this is not entirely unheard of. In particular, though, we've noticed more people are creating cakes that look like sushi. And that is definitely something new. Being fans of both cake and sushi, we're absolutely loving this cake decorating trend. So much, in fact, we're even dedicating this blog post to it to highlight a couple cake projects here on Craftsy. Of course, it's not just at Craftsy that we're seeing this "mash up" of sorts, but also on Pinterest, where there are countless incredible and realistic examples.

Sushi Cakes on Pinterest

Playful, artful, and realistic. This is a wonderful example of a "sushi cake" by shante87. Of course, it should be noted that this cake does include fish---those of the Swedish variety!

Sushi Cake

Sushi is such a delicate and meticulously curated food, it's no wonder it makes such nice detailing on a bigger cake like this one by Hoshizora!

Sushi Cake Trend

Learn to make and decorate cakes in masterful, and unexpected ways. Start with the online cake decorating class, Cake-osaurus Rex, from Craftsy! And if you're itching to explore other cake trends, check out Hello Kitty Cakes, Minnie Mouse Cakes, and Steampunk Topsy Turvy Cakes.

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