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Maker Monday: Meet Knitting Instructor Amy Herzog

Having garments that fit is about more than just looking good; it's about feeling good! That's why Amy Herzog is so passionate about teaching people to knit their garments with the perfect fit. And that's exactly what she does in her knitting class, Knit to Flatter, right here on Craftsy. In this free video, we had a chance to sit down with Amy to ask her about her history with knitting, and to tell us more about her focus on the right fit. Check out the video below!

Well I really think fit is an important issue because as knitters we're creating these garments and I think it's just tragic when people don't actually like to wear them at the end. I mean I guess I'm a little bit of a product knitter in that sense. If I'm spending all this time and money on a sweater, I really want to be able to wear it, and be proud of it, and show it to other people when I'm done with it. And there's just no way to achieve that with a sweater unless you have a proper fit to your body. If something doesn't fit you it just doesn't look right. You're not going to be pulling it out to wear. And that would be really sad.

I've been knitting since I was a child and I think for a long time I went through this predictable range of Barbie doll blankets and terrible terrible scarves, and you know mittens that didn't really fit anyone. I picked up knitting again as an adult and I immediately dove into sweater knitting. I think it does appeal to my math background. I'm very comfortable with numbers. I like to think about fabric and the shape of it and how to make it three dimensional. All of those things are really exciting to me. And I'm not daunted by modification math. I think that's something that I'm very lucky in my background, to have that attitude. Numbers can absolutely be intimidating and there's nothing wrong with that. Not everyone comes from a math or numbers based background and that's totally fine. I think that if you're intimidated by sweater knitting starting with a really simple sweater is a very good idea. Most of us are pretty comfortable with knits and purls, basic increases and basic decreases, at this point. And that's actually all you need in terms of skill to knit a really really lovely sweater. I think the one single tip that I might give to a nervous sweater knitter is to chose a size properly and then ninety percent of your work is done.

Helping women feel comfortable in their bodies is one of the things that I'm really passionate about. I think that we spend a lot of energy, that we waste a lot of energy, disliking ourselves for things that are fundamentally not changeable. I think a lot of the energy is focused on disliking something that is not fundamentally changeable. I think it's sad and a waste. And I don't want any woman to feel like there is anything wrong with her. Especially that there's anything wrong with something she can't change. It's just how we are. People come in all varieties and there's nothing wrong with that. There's a lot to celebrate in it. When we don't like a piece of clothing we assume that we're the problem and that's really not true. The clothing is at fault there- if an inanimate object can said to be at fault. So, I hope that through the class I can help knitters feel empowered to change the pattern as they're knitting the sweater so that it will fully complement what they have to work with because all women are equally beautiful. Their sweaters should show it. Hands down the best part of my job, the best part of these classes, the best part of these books, is hearing from the women I work with that I have changed the way that they think about themselves. That they thought as themselves as flawed before and that they don't now. There's nothing anywhere, ever, that could compare with that feeling; it's great!

Join Amy for her online knitting class, Knit to Flatter, on And come on back to the Craftsy blog tomorrow to learn about swatching, with Amy.



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