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Gwen Bortner’s Top Five Ways to Prepare for Teaching a Class

Gwen Bortner has been teaching Craftsy knitting enthusiasts the Entrelac technique and style with her online knitting class, Entrelac Knitting. But now she reaches all Craftsy members with her class How to Teach It with Gwen Bortner. In this new class, she shows creative individuals to combine their passion and skills to become a professional teachers of their crafts! In this free video, Gwen lays out her five fundamental basics of preparation. It's a must-watch for any aspiring educator!

Hi, I'm Gwen Bortner. I'm a teacher at Craftsy and I wanted to share with you what I consider to be my top five tips to think about before you go teach a class.

First, and foremost think about your footwear. Now, you don't have to do the flats; you can choose to do something that has a little bit more of a heel. But remember, you're going to be standing on your feet for quite a few hours and you want to be really really comfortable.

Next, remember to hydrate. Always have lots of water with you and if need be, bring your own water bottle. If you don't, you may discover toward the end of class that your voice is getting a little bit hoarse.

Next, markers. Now although makers are often provided for you at class. I've learned that they're not ever what I want. I love having a nice range of colors and knowing that they have plenty of ink in them. But remember, you may need flip chart markers or you may need whiteboard markers. So you might want to have some dry erase ones available as well.

Next, your class kit; it's kind of your grab and go bag, everything you need to have ready before you go teach class. I have a class kit that has kind of the basics I need for every class. I always include my class handouts. Remember to bring one, two, three extra just in case somebody else shows up that you weren't expecting and your class samples. Anything that you're going to need to demonstrate, or show, or a finished project- any of those key things you're going to need.

Last but not least, arrive early. Make sure that you've got your watch on so you can keep track of time but more importantly show up in plenty of time so that no one is worried about whether or not you're really going to get there at the time you said you were going to get there.

Now if you like this tip, I would really love to have you join me at my class How to Teach It that you can find at I hope to see you there!

Learn more about Gwen here and then tune back into the Craftsy blog on Sunday for another great tip from Gwen.

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