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How to Make Easter Cake Pops

Easter is a perfect time to splurge on treats and celebrate springtime and new life; so making super cute cake pops is a must! These sweet little chicks are fun, easy and delicious!

Easter Cake Pops

First we will need cake pops. Lucky for you, you can learn how to make them with my free cake pops tutorial. Once you have those cake pops completed, we are ready to make Easter chicks!

Making Cake Pops

First, it's important to chill the cake pops before putting the sticks in. Forming the cake pops is much easier to do when they are cold. So place them in the refrigerator for about 20 minutes. Once they are chilled, we can mold them into the shape we want. Rather than round, we need more of an oblong shape; they should be tall and skinny.

Chick Cake Pops

Once they are formed into the shape you want, it's time to add the sticks. But instead of standing the Easter cake pops up with the sticks in the air, leave them lying down so the little chicks don’t get flat heads. Place them back in the refrigerator to keep them cold while you prepare everything else.

A quick note about the sticks: I prefer not to dip my sticks in chocolate before placing them in the cake pop. I find that if the cake pops get too warm when I am working with them, the chocolate on the inside can cause the cake to tear apart while you are dipping them, resulting in a mess in the chocolate. But if the stick is inserted without the chocolate and the cake pops get too warm, the cake pop simply slips off the stick and does not cause a mess. If your cake pops are cold enough, the frosting will hold the cake pop on the stick. As with most cake decorating though, it is your choice. I would suggest trying it both ways and see which method works best for you.

Easter Cake Pops' Ingredients
For the chicks we are going to need:

  • Yellow candy coating ( your can find it at craft stores and cake supply stores)
  • Orange candy coating
  • Styrofoam ( to place your cake pops in once you have dipped them
  • 2 piping bags ( I would recommend disposable bags)
  • Flower shaped sprinkles (optional, you can make them without them as well)

Flower Shaped Sprinkles

These are the flower shaped sprinkles. If you choose to use them, pick out the orange and yellow ones and set them aside.

Dip Easter Cake Pops

Now it is time to dip our cake pops!

To melt your chocolate, follow the package instructions. When dipping your cake pops, let them dry slightly while holding them upside down. Then when you flip them over they have a cute little curl on the tops of their heads.

Fill Piping Bag for Easter Cake Pops

Once they are all dipped, fill your piping bag with the rest of the yellow candy coating. Then cut the tip off of the piping bag. You only need a tiny hole, because we are going to be piping the wings.

It's important to remember that when you're working with candy coating in a piping bag the tip will cool faster than the rest of it and clog up your bag. To get around this, simply squeeze out the hardened chocolate and keep piping. If it is getting too cold to work with, place the piping bag in the microwave for 20 seconds at 40% power. Make sure your don’t have any metal tips in your piping bags.

Now pick up a yellow cake pop and on either side about halfway down pipe little wings. Just shake the bag a tiny bit while pulling away from the cake pop slowly.

Once the wings are done, it is time to melt the orange candy melts. You can even melt them right in the bag! Simply put a few candy melts in the disposable bag and place in the microwave for 30 seconds at 50%, then pull it out and squish it around to mix it up, then place it back in the microwave for another 30 seconds.

For the eyes, you can use black candy melts, black royal icing, or black fondant. I have even tried using black edible markers, but they don’t work well on candy melts.

How to Make Easter Cake Pops

The little chick on the left has the sprinkles for his feet and wings and I used the edible markers on his eyes. The chick on the right was decorated with candy melt wings and feet and he has fondant eyes. I love that they are different and unique. So have fun with your Easter cake pops!

And come back to the Craftsy blog tomorrow to learn how to make a purple ombre cake!


Lupe Becerra

I love these little chicks they are so cute! I am gonna trying making them tomorrow. Thanks 🙂

Miss Mary

These are just darling. How kind of you to post the directions! Thank you!


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