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Featured Guest Pinners: Vanessa & Jane

We're thrilled to collaborate with Vanessa Wilson and Jane Chew over on Craftsy's Pinterest account this week. While Vanessa has been crafting since a young age, she didn't discover sewing and quilting until she was 22 years old and in her second year of law school. Since then, this Craftsy instructor of Sew Little: Nursery Design, has never looked back- as apparent in her beautiful pins enjoyed by nearly 1000 followers every day. Jane of DIY Beading Club finds and shares lots of interesting jewelry making projects and ideas with more than 4,000 fellow pinners. From chain maille patterns to DIY wire jewelry her pins will surely inspire you to create a new accessory. So learn more about these ladies history with Pinterest and their favorite pins, and then follow along with Vanessa's Craftsy collaborator board as well as Jane's Craftsy collaborator board.

Featured Guest Pinner Vanessa Wilson
What first prompted you to join Pinterest?

I can't even remember! I've been on Pinterest for a few years...since before it was popular. I It was starting out and as soon as I figured out how it worked I knew it would be another great way to share my tutorials with people and gain inspiration for future projects.

Which of your boards is the most popular and did you expect that?

My DIY Crafty Tutorials board is the most popular and I did expect that just because I have so many tutorials I've created that it gives my followers an easy way to access them all with a click of a button.

We love your Craft Room Inspiration board. Have you applied any of those techniques to your room?

YES! I actually had a custom built workshop delivered to our property and I did about 90% of the interior finishing all by myself! From the insulation to drywalling, painting and even floor treatment. Some pf the pictures in that board are even before and after pictures of my studio. A drastic transformation. I knew I wanted the color combinations to be some shade of aqua, red and white after coming across a few other pins so that was probably the easiest decorating decision. The most difficult was deciding on storage solutions. Some I built myself and others I got at thrift stores and yard sales. There is so much great inspiration on PInterest! I'm very happy with my finished studio.

We love your DIY Crafty Tutorials board. Where do you find most of your pins?

Most of the pins in that board are video tutorials I've created myself to share with the world. The few that aren't I have either come across them on someone elses' boards or just randomly come across them on Facebook or Twitter.

What excites you about pinning with Craftsy this week?

I'm looking forward to sharing some great pins with Craftsy followers! I'm also excited about inspiring newbies to give sewing a try! It's hard to stay away from so many great Craftsy classes and free project tutorials.

Pinner Jane Chew
How did you first hear about Pinterest and what inspired you to join?
I learned about Pinterest through the internet. I saw the enlarged images and that’s what inspired me to join the site. I see a lot of beautiful and inspiring work of art from around the world and felt what a good way to share my work to others, too.

We love your Jewelry Designs board. Do you have any favorite pins there?
I love the tutorials and DIYs. I love all kinds of crafts. Anything about handmade jewelry and crafts, I love them all. I even created a Craftsy board, intended for free tutorials found on Craftsy.

Your Fashion Board is beautiful. Can you tell us more about the types of fashion that inspire you?
The fashion board we have is not actually ours, but we're just a member of the group. Someone invited me to pin on the board. I also like fashion and I think every girl does and so I joined the group. I am inspired by fashionable accessories like jewelries and bags. I am also interested on clothing as I want to make jewelries that will match my clothing and bag. I am hoping someday to be able to design a complete fashion outfit that includes accessories. I like the chic and casual style but still a girl would look elegant on it.

Which of your boards is the most popular- did you expect that?
My popular boards are DIY Beading Patterns and Tutorials and DIY Wire Jewelry. Many have visited, liked and repinned them. I didn’t expect the boards to be popular, but I know a lot of people like to see tutorials and so I share all my tutorials and tutorials from other artists as well on those boards.

What excites you about pinning with Craftsy this week?
Whenever I see something interesting on Craftsy I feature them on my blog and then I pin them. I know when I see something is beautiful I have to share it. What excites me is to see how many will like and repin. The number of likes and repins would mean I also have good taste when it comes to crafts and designs. It gives me more confidence on my designing skills.

Be sure to stay tuned for our featured pinners on Monday of next week. And in case you missed it, learn more about our guest pinners from last week.


Sharon Gomez

I love Crafty Gemini and the way she simplifies instructions/demonstrations. I have been a long time crafter/sewer but never a quilter and love her instructions. My daughter who is 23 years old decided she wanted to start sewing and fell in love with Vanessa’s teachings and is now sewing some retro dressed. Vanessa keep up the good work and thank you for your time as I know you are also a busy mom with those little ones.

laurie wood

i need to cancel my subscription with crafty as i have injured my left arm, can someone help?


Hi Laurie,

Thank you for reaching out to us and we’re sorry to hear about your arm! Keep in mind, you will always have unlimited, lifetime access to your enrolled classes so if you’d like to stay enrolled you can pick up where you left off when your arm is better! If not, can you send an email to our support team at and they’ll be happy to help you further!


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