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Featured Pinners: Cake Expert Marina & Designer Sarah

This week we're lucky to be collaborating with both Marina Sousa and Sarah Wilson over on Craftsy's Pinterest account. Craftsy cake decorating instructor of Advanced Fondant Techniques and more, Marina, has appeared regularly on the Food Network as a challenger, judge and featured chef for Food Network Caters Your Las Vegas Wedding and the Food Network Awards. As you've likely guessed, her pinners follow along to enjoy her gorgeous cake and dessert illustrations pins. Knitwear designer Sarah Wilson pins fashion inspirations, recipes she's dying to try, intriguing craft tutorials, and more! Learn more about these ladies' Pinterest experiences and inspiration, and then follow Marina's Craftsy collaborator board here, as well as Sarah's Craftsy collaborator board here.

Featured Guest Pinner: Marina Sousa
How did you first hear about Pinterest and what made you want to join?
I actually heard about Pinterest from a client! She kept saying "if you look at my Pinterest board you'll see the styles I like" - at that point I had zero clue what she was referring to. Though as it turns out, it's a really great tool for communicating design ideas with brides for their cakes and just understanding their aesthetic in general. Very helpful!

Which of your boards is the most popular and did you expect that?
I think they are all at about the same level of "popularity." Cake people obviously gravitate towards the cake ones naturally I think! I know for myself I love to look at fashion and art for inspiration to translate into confection so those are the boards I'm most interested in seeing on other peoples pages. It always fascinates me how the designers mind works. Three people can have the same inspiration image and come up with three very different results. That's what I love!

We love your Images I Adore Board- where do you tend to find your pins for that board?
Anywhere really. Those are just images that catch my eye for one reason or another. You'll see there are many images from the artist, Wayne Thiebaud - I've always found his work intriguing. Some might conclude that it's because his subject matter is often identified with confectionery items (which I admit was the initial draw) but it's really more about his color choices and the painterly approach - we've translated some of his paintings into cake for clients and it's much more intricate than it appears at first glance. The shadows and texture are so much a part of the process. As a designer I really love negative space and I think his work really epitomizes the value of it. I adore his landscapes and cityscape's as well!

Photography is also a passion of mine - I'm not expert by any means but often when traveling I find myself wanting to capture a moment or a shadow that is perfectly framed by the lens. I love the photos I've pinned of odd angles of staircases. One might just see it as a staircase but change your paradigm just slightly and it's art. Windows, doors and stairs are often the things I photograph myself most. Not sure why but I just love the detail. Variations on the same shape inspire me: kind of like a tiered wedding cake.

What sort of themes have you seen emerge from your Words I Love Board?
Self empowerment. Cake. Gratitude. Just anything that rings true for me. It's funny, I tend to come across certain words when I need to hear them. Funny how life works that way sometimes.

Text and words from a design standpoint have always fascinated me. When I was involved in other aspects of design I often found myself incorporating text as a design element. Words are powerful and as such I think they can translate into powerful imagery in design. Creating something that is not only beautiful (and clearly delicious) is key - but I also think as designers we have the opportunity to make a further impact and when all of that comes together it's kind of magical.

Have you created or purchased any of the Things I Want?
I have! A couple anyway. The lampshade - the taupe one on the bottom of the stack is now in my living room. I did also buy the glittered cake knife and server - they are SO fun! And I've been hunting forever for the gray polka dotted Converse (in size 11) to no avail.

What excites you about pinning with Craftsy this week?
Well I'm excited because it gives me an excuse to spend a little more time on Pinterest. Ha! Really I love to see what inspires other people. When I see someone has pinned an image of mine I like to check out what other images they have pinned - it's just like this eternal flow chart kind of thing. That's the best part to me about teaching too. When you give a roomful of people a matched set of tools, just a few simple instructions and stand back and see what comes. It's pretty amazing and for me very inspiring. It's a completely reciprocal process and I end up feeling like I'm learning more than I taught.

For those of us who are inspired visually I think Pinterest is just a massive exchange of ideas - it's completely stimulating. My sister, who cares very little for social media, started exploring Pinterest several months ago and as a result has completed numerous wonderful projects. She said to me, in a slightly exasperated I've taken on too many things kind-of-voice: "the thing about Pinterest is that it really makes you think you can do anything."

I think that sums it up pretty well!


Featured Guest Pinner: Sarah Wilson the Sexy Knitter
When did you first join Pinterest and what made you want to jump onboard?

I joined a little over two years ago; I had seen a couple of people talking about it on Twitter and signed up for a beta invite to see what was going on. I loved the idea; it's like having the whole internet in pictures! It took me a bit to really figure out how to make it relevant to me, but now I use it constantly.

Whom do you like to follow on Pinterest?

I enjoy following folks who pin lots of recipes, fashion photos and wedding things. . .at this point, I'm getting overwhelmed with information, but I'll still follow the odd board here and there.

How much time do find yourself spending on Pinterest?

I'm on and off it throughout the day, usually for 10-20 minutes at a go. I also use it a lot for recipes, so I pull up the app on my iPhone whenever I'm in the kitchen.

Your Style Board is awesome! Does it provide you with inspiration for your original patterns?

Oh, definitely! It's a huge resource for me. I'm always pinning or favoriting things that I feel contain an element I could use in my own work. Sometimes I'll even use an entire silhouette, because obviously things just interpret so differently into knitwear than in woven/sewn fabrics, but that's pretty rare for me.

We love that you have a Harry Board. Can you tell us more about that?

I am SUCH a Harry Potter fanatic! I've read the 7 books and watched the 8 movies more times than I can count (I can pretty much quote them all start to finish at this point). My Harry board gives me a place to keep the magic alive and it's fun to find unique movie stills or Potter-related items to share with other fans.

Which of your boards is the most popular- did you expect that?

My Craft Board has the most followers; the other 25 boards each have a fairly even amount of followers and get lots of love and repins. I don't feel like "Craft" is particularly getting more attention than the other boards, but it doesn't surprise me that it has the most followers since I'm known for crafting. Also, it's one of the only boards I have that houses everything related to that interest; my fashion, food and home pins are each split into subcategories so I can find things later more easily.

What excites you about pinning with Craftsy this week?

I'm really looking forward to interacting with the Craftsy community and sharing my passions with them through Pinterest's unique platform. Pinterest provides such an easy, personal way to share your passions and obsessions with your friends; I'm excited to see how everyone reacts and which pins get repinned, commented on, and favorited!

Be sure to stay tuned for our featured pinners on Monday of next week. And in case you missed it, learn more about our guest pinners from last week.

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