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How to Seal Your Cake Stand

Craftsy cake decorating instructor Mike McCarey, is here in this video tip to solve a conundrum: Elaborate cakes call for elaborate stands, but elaborate stands means wood, metal, or glues being exposed directly to your cake, and that's no good! So what to do? Mike has the answer. Actually, he has three answers. And three is two better than one!

Hi, I'm Mike McCarey and I'm a cake instructor with and I've got a tip for you guys today. So now-a-days everybody wants to make elaborate sculpted cakes and of course you have to make an elaborate cake stand to do that. A lot of bare metal, a lot of bare wood, a lot of strange glues that everybody might worry about being exposed to cake or edible items. So I've got three ways for you to seal the stand you might be making. One way would be non-toxic paint. I've painted the stand here and on this side and on this arm here. Another would be melted chocolate, just get chocolate chips and melt them. I've coated the stand on this side, here, and this arm. A third way would be to use packing tape. This is just plastic tape that I've used to wrap the platform here and started to wrap the pole there. You could do any one of those things, or all three, anything you can do to protect your stand is always a good idea. I'm Mike McCarey, if you like this tip go ahead and check out my class at called Advanced Cake Sculpting: Bobbleheads. Thanks!

And in case you missed it, learn more about Mike's cake history here, as well as how to support your cakes and create a realistic iris.

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Thanks, these are invaluable tips for a cake decorator! Whenever I watch the cake baking shows on TV I wonder how the cake can be edible after all the stuff they put on and around it.


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