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Maker Monday: Meet Appliqué Instructor Beth Ferrier

Meet the instructor of the new online quilting class, Machine-Finished Hand Appliqué. Her name is Beth Ferrier, and in this video she shares with us her love of quilting and crafts. With humor and warmth, Beth knows how to tell a story as well as teach her lessons!

I started doing crafts when I was a little kid. I was only four years old, and I knew instantly at that age that I was meant to do needle and thread. By the time I was 12, I was sewing all my own clothes and quilting just seemed to be the natural progression from that. I made my first quilt as a freshman in college. What really drew me to quilting and quiltmaking was that it's mathematical. You have to figure out the sequence that you're going to piece, how big the parts need to be. You need to figure out how much fabric you're going to need and the order of piecing. So it was just like the best puzzle ever.

It never ever mattered to me that I had the skill to do something until I could teach it to someone else. I noticed a really wonderful thing that happened when someone mastered something that they thought was mysterious and difficult. And that's when I realized that the ability to give to other people, the skills and talents to explore their own dreams was really kind of a powerful thing. I'm always striving to find a easier way to show you how to get to your best outcome.

I consider what I do rebellious traditional appliqué in quilting. I really have a solid foot in the traditional camp with the piecing and the appliqué shapes but I like to do wild colors and little larger more graphic designs. I've had folks look at my appliqué projects and argue with me about whether or not they could have possibly been done on the machine.

Quilting has a long history of a feminine way to express their creative needs. You can't tell me that back in the day in the sod huts in Nebraska that it was efficient to cut large pieces into small pieces of fabric and sew them back together into large pieces of fabric in order to keep their families warm.  Their quiltmaking was their creative outlet in a world that could sometimes be very grim. It is an opportunity to create a little bit beauty in your life. When we're making quilts for our family members and our loved ones, we're sewing ourselves into those quilts with every stitch that we make. And whether it's by machine or by hand we are giving moments of our lives into that quilt and then handing that over to the folks that we love. So it's an investment not only in the time of making the quilt, but it's a real endorsement, if you will, for your love for the recipients of that quilt.

If you enjoyed getting to know Beth, be sure to come back to the Craftsy blog this Thursday, and she'll teach you all about beautifully hanging a quilt on a wall. And don't forget to check out her new online quilting class Machine-Finished Hand Appliqué!

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