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Minnie Mouse Cakes: Magical Cake Decorating Projects!

Disney has long been a favorite of kids. Among the many Disney characters, few are as popular as Mickey’s counterpart: Minnie Mouse! No surprise, then, that so many young girls are giddy to find themselves presented with Minnie Mouse birthday cakes on their special days. We took a look around the Craftsy project area and found tons of great examples of Minnie Mouse-decorated cakes. Here are a few of our favorites!

Cake Decorating Projects: Minnie Mouse

Who knew you could take Minnie Mouse, and turn it into a cake decorating project that is absolutely elegant? That’s exactly what Craftsy member, Redhead1946, did here!

With fondant and sugarpaste, Craftsy member Matm created a lovely cake, topped with a Minnie Mouse who seems to be saying, “Surprise!”
And finally, here is a cake that just fills you with joy! A fine example of cake decorating skills in this perfect representation of Minnie by Craftsy user Cake In Colours.

Craftsy Minnie Mouse Cakes
Craftsy Minnie Mouse Cakes


If you’re interested in being able to make a Minnie Mouse cake, or any other kind of fun, festive, decorative dessert, check out the online cake decorating class Cake-osaurus Rex, from Craftsy!



What a surprise to open my e-mail from Craftsy today and see the Minnie Mouse Cake I did for a friends’ daughter’s birthday. I love Craftsy and enjoy the fabulous tutorials. I wish I had the time to do all the ideas that are presented. Keep up the good work.


how big is this cake and for how many people. how much is the cost?


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