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Maker Monday: Quilting Expert and Instructor Kimberly Einmo

Kimberly Einmo instructs two popular online quilting classes here at Craftsy: Magical Jelly Roll Quilts and Chain of Stars Mystery Quilt. She's well-known beyond Craftsy, too. In fact, she's taught all over the world, authored a number of successful quilting books, is a maker of wonderful and award-winning quilts, and she serves as a judge in quilting competitions. She even has her own line of quilting tools! We had a chance to sit down with this clever quilter to find out more about her and her history with the craft. Check out this free video, then be sure to check out her classes, too!

Probably the most awe-inspiring quilt I ever made was in 2004 for General Martin and his wife when we lived in Ramstein, Germany. He was a Four-Star General that was moving on and I was commissioned by the Command Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force to create a memory quilt of their life in the Air Force. That was really a lot of fun to do, but I only had six weeks to do it. So I was under a big time constraint to get it all done!

The first thing that got me started quilting, as I'd only been a sewist as a little girl, was that I was a new bride and we had just moved to the Washington DC area and I walked by a quilt shop and thought, "That looks interesting." So I walked in, signed up for a beginning quilt class, and before the class was even over I was completely awed. And I actually convinced the owner to let me start working there, even before the six weeks was up from the first class. And I've just kept going. It was just love at first stitch!

My favorite part of teaching a Craftsy class is the platform, hearing from the students and answering their questions, hearing their comments, seeing their photos and I always pose a question myself: "Let me know where you're from." And it's been my favorite thread to follow through to see all the different countries and states and cities from not only in the US but around the world, where students are participating. And I get such a kick out of that, just hearing from so many people and knowing that it's so far reaching. It's just around the globe and back and I love that, that is absolutely my favorite part.

I think the most interesting sub-category for me, actually I really love working with pre-cuts, I really enjoy working with layer cakes, jelly rolls, charm squares, and even turning my own scraps into pre-cut bundles; I really enjoy that. It's a very gratifying way to make a scrapy quilt in a hurry and make it really coordinated. But the other thing I'm really starting to enjoy is working with solids and the fabrics that read like solids to get a more modern take on quilting and I'm sort of getting into that now, testing it out, trying it for myself. I'm really enjoying all of the design possibilities of breaking away, doing some modern quilting, with a traditional twist.

I hope that students will learn at least one new technique or skill or improve in one way. At least one way, so that they get that "AHA moment," that the light bulb goes off, and they think "Oh man this is really great! This is something I didn't know before." So it's my goal to teach as many new tips and techniques as possible so that everyone will come away learning something. That's really what I hope. I really get a kick out of watching the lightbulbs go off when somebody gets it and gets excited about what they can do.

If you enjoyed getting to know Kimberly, come back to the Craftsy blog tomorrow to learn a great quilting tip from her!



Loved the class. Easy to follow. Made baby sized quilt for neice’s baby due in July.


Terrific! So glad you made a quilt from the class!!! Thanks for sharing…

adriana preciado

me encanta los tutoriales lastima que no esten en español me encantaria


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