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Featured Guest Pinners: Crafter Johnnie & Cake Expert Catherine

We're excited to be working with two fabulous pinners over on Craftsy's Pinterest account this week: Johnnie Lanier and Catherine Ruehle. With more than 31,000 followers tuned in every week, Johnnie's delightful pins like paper crafts, mod podge, and painted furniture, are popular to say the least. Johnnie is a crafting addicted runner and blogger at Saved By Love CreationsPrintable Decor, and Totally Green Crafts. As a cake decorator, Catherine has appeared on Food Network Challenge, My Fair Wedding with David Tutera, Whose Wedding is it Anyway, and in national magazines such as The Knot and Food Network Magazine. She is also the instructor of the cake sculpting Craftsy class Cake-o-saurus Rex and enjoys pins related to cakes, health, and home. Join along for the ride and follow Johnnie’s Craftsy collaborator board here, as well as Catherine’s Craftsy collaborator board here! Then learn more about both lovely ladies below.

Johnnie (Saved By Love Creations) Lanier
When did you first join Pinterest?
I joined Pinterest in the summer of 2011.

What made you want to jump onboard?
Really, I didn't want to jump on board.  I couldn't imagine where I was going to fit another social media network into my schedule.  Some of my blog friends were pinning their favorite SBLC posts, and I joined to reciprocate the sharing.  Of course, I was hooked instantly.  My objections to another social media network were out the window.

How much time do find yourself spending on Pinterest?
At least an hour each day, average.  That may mean 3 hours in one day, then less on others.

Your Clever Paper Crafts board is quite populated- have you attempted any of the crafts?
I love paper crafting! That is a one of my largest group boards, with 600 contributors, so there are lots of pins indeed.  I have tried variations of many of them.  I love the paper rose by Elinee, pinned here.  I also made a version of the paper rosette wreath, pinned here.  Oh, and the rolled rose topiary inspired by this pin is on my nightstand.  I do make things other than roses from paper too!

Which of your boards is the most popular and did you expect that?
My most popular board is Getting Crafty & DIY, with around 60,000 followers.  It is a collaborative board, with input from 20+ popular craft/DIY bloggers.  Considering the talent of the members, I expected it to be the most popular!

When do you decide to start a new board?
When I find something I want to pin and it just doesn't quite fit anywhere, I will start a new board.  With as many boards as I have accumulated,  I rarely find a pin that won't fit somewhere!

We love your Polymer Clay Board. What inspired that?
I am a polymer clay lover. Three Years ago I bought a pack at Michaels to make round nobs for a trinket box that I wanted a specific size.  I couldn't find anything in the bead section that would work.  As I was wondering around, I spotted the clay aisle and decided to give it a go.  I had everything I needed to get started... an oven and hands.  I made my sphere knobs, and a creativity was ignited in me that I never knew I had.
There were tons of free tutorials that taught me how to use the medium for creating a variety of cool effects and projects.  I devoured them.  I started blogging my and exploring other mediums as a result of discovering polymer clay.  It is a fantastic medium for beginners, since you don't need to invest much money to get going, and you can create pieces that will impress right away.  Who knows where it may lead you!

What excites you about pinning with Craftsy this week?
Craftsy is a great resource for inspiration and community that has been aand continues to be a cherished piece of my creative journey.  I think being a guest pinner will be kinda like us all getting together for a big party where I get to bring ,my favorite things to share with other crafters and artists.  How fun is that?!


Catherine Ruehle
What first drew you to Pinterest?
I actually tried to avoid Pinterest for a long time! I had a feeling I would get sucked into the time drain and never get out! Eventually, I was just too curious and decided to join the fun. I'm a very visual person, so Pinterest is absolutely heavenly for me, it functions just like my brain does. I can read text a hundred times but it doesn't stick with me the way that an image will on the very first glance. I'm obsessed with the way that you can find absolutely ANYTHING on Pinterest in visual form and tuck it away just for your yourself, or for the whole world to see.

Your Spirituality & Healing board is very inspiring. When and why did you decide to start that?
That board was started by the National Institute of Clinical Behavioral Medecine, and I was asked to be a group pinner, so I can't take credit for it. I find it very inspiring though and am grateful that it found me when it did. I'm a spiritual person but not religious, so it's very comforting to me to browse that board to see all of the different takes on spirituality and faith. Whatever your particular belief system, there's something there for you, and there's no judgement from anyone for not fitting a particular mold.

Have you been surprised by the popularity of any of your boards?
I think I'm always a little surprised to see my sidebar fill up with notices that people are re-pinning or liking my pins, or following, and it's exciting to feel that what you like yourself is also enjoyed by so many others.
Where do you find your pins? I follow some really interesting and creative people and love to repin their stuff. I also search certain key words on a daily basis, "pink" for example, or "cake". I adore traveling so I'm always looking for places to add to my "let's go" board, hopeful that some day I'll actually get there. If I find a great website for clothes, or recipes, or travel, I'll just pin images rather that bookmarking the actual page, so that I can refer back any time.

We love your Nom Nom Nom board- have you tried any of those recipes?
Yes, of course! Some of those dishes are things I make for my Culinary Wellness Program clients, and others are recipes I've found online that inspire me to make something of my own. I never make a recipe as it's written, I always use it as a springboard to doing my own thing, and often it's just the image of the finished dish that gets me going and I never bother to look to the actually recipe page.

Tell us more about your Been There Done That board. Is that your version of putting pins on a map?
Pretty much. Everything on that board is a place or event that I've actually been to, or a place I've lived. So, for example, I've been to Lake Tahoe and Seaside, Florida on vacation, and I've spent Christmas in Zurich. I was at the 1994 Lillehammer Olympic Games and was in the arena, at the finish line, when Dan Jansen finally won his elusive gold medal. I've lived in Crested Butte and Sonoma, and even on the property of the Landmark Vineyard (my ex husband was the winemaker). I've skied Saas Fee, and spent several months traveling in Norway. I like to visit that board when I'm longing to travel, just to see the places I've already been, it's almost like a gratitude journal in visual form.

What excites you about pinning with Craftsy this week?
I love creative people, so it's super exciting to be able to connect with Craftsy's fan base of cakers and quilters and artists. I'm looking forward to sharing my pins with Craftsy's followers, and also finding new artsy craftsy folks to follow myself!


Be sure to stay tuned for our featured pinners on Monday of next week. And in case you missed it, learn more about our guest pinners from last week.