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Featured Guest Pinners: Fiber Artist Carol & Sewist Karen

Don't miss out on this week's fabulous pinners over on Craftsy’s Pinterest account: Carol Ann Waugh and Karen Way. As an award winning fiber artist, author of Stupendous Stitching, and Craftsy instructor of Stitch & Slash and Stupendous Stitching, it's clear that Carol loves stitching and all things fiber art. True to form, her boards depict colors, texture, and other artwork. And it's no surprise that more than 13,500 followers tune in every day as Karen, of Sew Many Ways, shares pins from crafty to cooking. With Sweet Tooth Recipes and adorable pets on her Animal Love board- there's a little something for everyone. Join along for the ride and follow Carol’s Craftsy collaborator board here, as well as Karen’s Craftsy collaborator board here! And then learn more about both lovely ladies and their pinning inspiration below.


Pinner Carol ann Waugh
When did you first join Pinterest and why?
I found out about this web site a couple of years ago when a fellow member of Studio Art Quilters Associates solicited artists to jointly contribute to boards that would show some of the basic elements and principles of design (Shape, Form, Space, Color, Value, Texture and Line). I thought that would be a great idea so I signed up to contribute. Today, there are 17 fiber artists who contribute to these group boards.

Once I started participating, I saw the value of this website as a way to organize and share information on things that interest me and things that might be of interest to others.

I love sharing. It's also why I love teaching! So the Pinterest platform allows me to see something I like and share it with my followers.

I also use it for inspiration and reminders of images of artists that I like. It's easier and more efficient than keeping a long list of websites in my bookmark files. This way, everything is on one page and I can quickly navigate a large amount of information quickly.

What have been some of your most popular pins? Did you expect that?
I have been surprised that my fiber art has been the most re-pinned images on my boards. I'm not sure if this is an indication of popularity because people can just see the images without re-pinning. And that's why I have a couple of boards of my art -- I just want to show people what I'm working on to spur their own creativity.

We love your Public Art in Denver board! Have you seen most of them in person?

Yes. I try to visit at least one Public Art installation every weekend when my husband and I take a scooter ride around town. I was lucky to have been chosen for a public art commission for the Human Services building in north Denver so I'm actually part of this group of artists. I've also had the good fortune to meet some of the public art artists like Lawrence Argent, the creator of the Blue Bear, and that makes seeing his work in person even more interesting to me.

Your Line board has tons of pins. Can you share with us more about why you started it and how you use it?

"Line" is one of the elements of design. As a fiber artist, I often use my quilting and hand stitches to define a line. You can draw a line by simply using thread on fabric with a high contrast. I find focusing on line to be a very inspirational way to create art since it emphasizes the hand of the artist.

What excites you about pinning with Craftsy this week?

Well, first of all, I love teaching at Craftsy so I am always excited to communicate with the Craftsy community. More than that, I am happy to bring some of my student's work to the attention of the Craftsy world since they are creating such wonderful, exciting, and artful pieces! So one of my boards will be all about them!

I'm also excited to showcase some fiber artists that I admire and introduce you to their work as well. And finally, I've been working on some new fiber art that I hope to share with you as well. What really excites me is just sharing with this fabulous network of creative people.


Pinner Karen Way of Sew Many Ways
How did you discover Pinterest?

My daughter Courtney introduced me to Pinterest in the summer of 2011 when she was home from college on her summer break. She is a graphic design major and someone in her department showed her the way to pinning. That summer I was hooked. I couldn't get enough of the inspiration all in one place. I sent in my invitation to Pinterest and I started my pin boards in September 2011. The rest is history, as they say!!

How much time do find yourself spending on Pinterest?

I try to pin every day, when ever I find a few minutes here and there...waiting in line at the store, at doctor's office etc. I spend more time at night, between 30 minutes to an hour browsing and pinning. Believe it or not, I pin with my iPhone app on the treadmill at the gym. I have perfected the skill of holding onto the treadmill handle with one hand for balance and scrolling and pinning with my other thumb does all the pinning, LOL. It's my incentive to go to the gym!

Which of your boards is the most popular? And did you expect that?

My most popular board is the Crafting Board, but no surprise there. People love to create and craft and there are so many wonderful ideas on Pinterest. My recipe boards are my next most popular...crafting and eating...there's no better combination. LOL

You have a ton of sewing tutorials pinned. Where do you find them all?

I pin from all over the Internet, but I pin the most from the pinners I follow. My other sources of inspiration for pinning are from all the wonderful blogs I follow and sewing sites like Craftsy. Bloggers, who are willing to create and share their sewing techniques and projects, are such a valuable source.

We love your Nutella board. Have you made anything from it?

Nutella is a staple in our house, especially for my daughter Kelsie. She has made the Nutella wonton raviolis over and over. The Nutella popsicles and frosting are favorites too!! Kelsie is also away in college, but her new dorm suite has a kitchen in it, so I see the new Nutella donut recipe, I just pinned, in her future!!

What excites you about pinning with Craftsy this week?

The most exciting thing about being a Craftsy pinner this week is the chance to meet new pinning friends and to follow their boards. Pinning and blogging are my 2 favorite hobbies and the inspiration in both is just amazing. Thanks so much for allowing me to pin this week. I'm so grateful to be a part of the Craftsy Pinning group.

Catch our featured pinners on Monday of next week. And in case you missed it, learn more about our guest pinners from last week.

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