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Featured Guest Pinners: Sewist Angel & Quilter Cindy

Two fabulous pinners are collaborating with us over on Craftsy’s Pinterest account this week: Angel Peterson and Cindy Needham. Angel Peterson of Fleece Fun loves making easy patterns available to both beginner and advanced sewists. From fleece to ruffle fabric, Angel keeps her nearly 6,000 followers entertained every day. Expert quilting instructor of Craftsy's Design It, Quilt It, Cindy Needham creates beautiful wholecloth quilts out of vintage linens. Her followers are delighted by inspirational quilt and family-related pins. Come on over and follow Angel’s Craftsy collaborator board here, as well as Cindy’s Craftsy collaborator board here! Then learn more about both fabulous crafters below.


Pinner Angel from Fun Fleece
How did you discover Pinterest and decide to join?
Around spring of last year I saw Pinterest popping up on on my inbound links - I had to check out what it was! When I found out I was instantly hooked and signed up. Pinterest is a great launching pad for website like mine to showcase the latest free pattern or tutorial I'm offering. However I also I've discovered that Pinterest is much more. I love how Pinterest is an art gallery for all kinds of artistic endeavors - not just traditional photography, painting and sculpture. Whether it's sewing, baking, crafting, homemaking or traditional high art they all get equal footing and a voice on Pinterest. I think there's something very beautiful and empowering about that.

Which of your boards is the most popular? And did you expect that?
Currently my most popular board is Sew Perfect Fleece Fun Patterns. It's where I usually post my latest free PDF pattern that I've made so people who subscribe to that board get alerted first when a new pattern goes up or it's been improved. It's a great visual spring board to see what Fleece Fun has to offer in a nutshell. It's one of my oldest boards. I've learned that Pinterest is so new not to "expect" anything. That might be most popular board right now but we'll see about tomorrow.

It does look like Everyone is Having Fleece Fun! Can you tell us more about your fascination with fleece?
The tagline for my blog is 'Velvet is Pretentious, Fleece is Fun!" Fleece is a great fabric for beginning sewists to learn on. It's also inexpensive and extremely useful in providing warmth and comfort. When I started to entertain the idea of starting a blog I had over 20 yards of fleece in my closet! During my pregnancy with my second child my craving had been fabric - and I had over bought what I needed to make her a winter wardrobe. So I decided that fleece was a good niche fabric to work with. I confess not all my patterns use fleece all the time - I need to switch it up occasionally. But the majority of my fleece patterns are easy to make and beginner friendly. The Everyone is Having Fleece Fun Board is a fun Pinterest board because is showcases what other bloggers have made from my patterns. I love seeing people have success and get creative with my tutorials.

Have you baked anything on your Baking Outside the Box Board?
Baking Outside the Box is a fun concept developed by my mother, Laura Hickman. It's a recipe book and website that uses a basic dessert mix to make all kinds of wonderful treats and goodies. I've been begging my mother for years to share her creations and now she is! The Baking Outside the Box board is a group board where we share our mutual creations, cooking tips and anything we think is a fresh take on cooking and baking. I've made several things from the board, but my favorite thing I've made from the board are the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes. I don't even want to think about how much butter is in them, but they are ah-maz-ing!

What excites you about pinning with Craftsy this week?
One of the best things about Pinterest is that you get to have a peek into the creative inspirations of others. I'm looking forward to not only sharing my creations, but the things that inspire me! Whether it's a photograph a quick tip, or a tutorial that makes me a better sewist. Pinterest is a way of peeking behind the curtain into another's creative process. Craftsy is a a great resource for this too. I like how Craftsty encourages people not only to share their creations, but to continue education in their hobbies through classes.


Pinner Cindy Needham
When did you first join Pinterest and why?
I first became aware of Pinterest when I discovered that many of my blog readers were "repinning" photos from my blog posts onto their boards. I didn't have a clue what Pinterest was until I followed a couple of the pins...oh my! What a black hole for time and inspiration! I try to avoid going to Pinterest because once you get in and start looking around it's hard to leave. When I became a Craftsy instructor I decided it was time to start my own board. Pinterest has become a quick and easy way for me to share my inspirations with others and create a gallery of some of my work.

What types of quilts do you most enjoy pinning?
I enjoy pinning details of my own quilts but my favorite pins are those of my students' work. I love teaching as much as I enjoy quilting and am always thrilled to see what my students do with what I have taught them.

Which of your boards is the most popular? And did you expect that?
I've had the most repins from photos of my own work. My quilts are all about details and little "peek-a-boos" and I think my followers find them fascinating.

We love your Family...A Little Bit About Me board. Where did you get the idea?
I am generally a pretty private person in the classroom and don't share much about my family unless asked. After all, I'm there to teach not spend time talking about myself! I have been blessed with an amazing family and consider myself very, very lucky. Sharing them on my Pinterest Board allows me to share a bit of my personal life with those that are interested.

Have you used anything on your Inspiration board to make a project?
I haven't used anything on my board to make a project but I have used photos to inspire other students in my classrooms.

What excites you about pinning with Craftsy this week?
I am excited about being a guest pinner as it will allow me to share myself, my Craftsy students' work as well as my passion for quilting and teaching with so many more people!

Stay tuned for our featured pinners on Monday of next week. And in case you missed it, learn more about our featured pinners from last week.


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This is a question for Cindy Needham. Do you do quilting classes if so where do you do them, where are you based and what do you charge?


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