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New Craftsy Students Share Their Thoughts

At Craftsy we know that the ultimate gift is the gift of knowledge. But it's always great to hear it from our community. Recently we've been contacted by a number of happy students about their experiences with their first Craftsy class, after receiving it as a gift. We thought you'd enjoy seeing their final products and hearing their thoughts too!


Classic Croissants at Home ReviewNew Craftsy community member and baking enthusiast, Ronnie, speaks out below about Classic Croissants at Home.

"I wanted to share my accomplishment with my baking friends. I took a class called "Classic Croissants at Home" on a great website- What a neat way to learn and they have classes in everything-not just cooking! They even have free mini-classes so you can check it out, and it is super easy to use! 
Yum-wish I could share theses croissants and the pan au chocolat with all of you!" -Ronnie


Metalsmithing at Home ReviewAnd new Craftsy jewelry maker, Teri, gives her opinions regarding Metalsmithing at Home.

"I wanted to say how much I’m enjoying the Craftsy metalsmithing class I’m taking. I’m pretty wowed by the professional videography. I feel like I’m watching a TV show and not the internet! The class I’m taking is right up my alley. It very clearly explains the basics for setting up an at-home metal smithing studio. I am inspired to take the next steps to add these skills to my jewelry making.
I have to say the class exceeded my expectations because, even though you said it, I was not expecting the professionalism of the video. In fact, it is probably better than a demonstration workshop because you can 100% see what the instructor is doing. I love Kate’s enthusiasm too." -Teri


Crochet Lab ReviewBrenna braved crochet after her receiving her first class, Crochet Lab Basic Techniques.

"I was so excited when I got my birthday present from my sister Tory... classes from Craftsy!!! I had been talking about learning to crochet for so long, and had never gotten around to it, but now I didn't have any excuses. Crochet Lab was so easy to follow, and my very first project from my first lesson turned into a scarf, which I gave to Tory for Christmas. I can't wait to continue my Craftsy education!" -Brenna


And Craftsy member Mary Ann, soon-to-be expert knitter and cook offered these insights.

"There are many online learning opportunities. What makes Craftsy special is the quality of the video production, a real life learning community (where you pick up great bits of useful insights), plus instructors who are knowledgeable, passionate, engaging and answer questions! I get frustrated when I find a useful online video or recipe but forget to “bookmark”--never to find again! My Craftsy classes are readily available whenever I want to watch.
The online shop has great deals on beautiful yarn. I even tried the “mystery yarn”--for the price, it was fun to be surprised! If I never completed one class project, I would still feel the time I spend watching my Craftsy classes worthwhile because I pick up terrific information I use in my knitting and cooking everyday." -Mary Ann


The proof is in the pudding (and croissants) these Craftsy students are off to a great start on their learning adventure. Can you remember the first Craftsy class you took?


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