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Craftsy Instructors’ Valentines Adventures

With Valentine’s Day nearly upon us, we checked in with some of our instructors to see if the valentine’s spirit has motivated them to craft and what favorite memories they have about the special day. Here’s what they had to say…

Vanessa ChristensonVanessa Christenson of Sewing Texture

I just made a French knot heart pincushion, and I am making a cute reverse appliqué gathered heart pillow for my front room. Hopefully I’ll have a little bit of time left to make a cute heart garland for my fireplace, and another one for my daughter’s room.

I don’t know if I have a favorite Valentine’s Day memory. I just love that I’ve spent the last 15 Valentine’s Days with my husband, and I get to spend the rest of my living Valentine’s Days with him. He’s a pretty nifty guy & best friend.


Aga Kruk's Wire-Wrapped Bracelet with heart Focus
Aga Kruk of Wire-Wrapped Stones, Crystals & Clusters

I made a wire wrapped bracelet with a heart shape focal piece. The heart is attached to two strands of beautiful faceted garnet stones and ends with a lobster clasp. This bracelet was part of my Valentine’s Day Giveaway at my Facebook fun page. I am even more happy because the lucky winner is one of my students from my class here at Craftsy.

I do not have my favorite Valentine’s Day memory though. But every year, I do enjoy each minute of that day! Because it is so important, especially during Valentine’s Day, that we say to our loved ones how much we love and appreciate them.


Brett Bara's Stuffed Valentine's Hearts
Brett Bara of Design Your Own Handbag

I never seem to have enough time to work on holiday crafts, so I like super quick projects — to that end, I’ll be sewing up some of my stuffed valentine’s hearts. They really only take a few minutes to make each one, and if you want you can add a little pocket to slip in a tiny gift like tickets or a note. I like the idea of leaving these in unexpected places on Valentine’s Day, like on a work-friend’s keyboard, a child’s lunchbag, or your sweetie’s pillow!

My favorite Valentine’s Day memory would definitely have to be making Valentine’s boxes in elementary school. We used to decorate shoe boxes in colored paper, cut-out hearts, candies, lace ribbon–to use as a little mail box on our desk for our valentines. I used to LOVE getting all crafty about it and going to town decorating my box with my mom at the kitchen table the night before the big day.


Vickie Howell of Crochet Lab

With back-to-back craft conventions and a house of sick kids, unfortunately I’ve had to, for the most part, settle on reminiscing on projects of Valentine’s past: Love Rocks Neck Garland, Recycled Crayon Hearts, and the V-Day Burlap Bag, to name a few. As for this year? Well for now, I have a cute, red pillow pattern in the current issue of Crafts n’ Things Magazine. I’m also collecting all kinds of inspiration on a V-Day Pinterest board.

In terms of my favorite Valentine’s Day memory… the Valentine’s after our daughter was born, my husband had a beautiful arrangement of flowers sent to me accompanied by a sweet, small bouquet for her. I was so touched that he would think to do that — knowing that she’d forever know that she should be treasured and valued by the men in her life — that I couldn’t help tearing up. He said that our Clover would always get Valentine’s from her daddy. I’d never loved him more than in that moment.

And now we’d love to know- what is your favorite Valentine’s Day memory?

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