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Brioche Knitting Inspiration: Project Spotlights!

Brioche Knitting Inspiration

Brioche knitting is a highly textured knitting technique that’s popular in Europe. Craftsy instructor Nancy Marchant is credited with bringing the brioche stitch into popularity in the US. Her class, Explorations in Brioche Knitting, is a wonderful, fun way to learn all about this method. But to see what kind of fantastic projects using brioche knitting you can make, let’s have a look at some Craftsy projects that feature the stitch!

Stay warm, be colorful. This wonderful example of brioche knitting was made, by Craftsy user CraftyDiversions, from a pattern available in the Craftsy Pattern Marketplace.
Misti Brioche Honeycomb Sweater This dramatic honeycomb sweater by Craftsy user karenclements appears to be as warm as it is elegant. Which is to say, very!

Tri-Corner Tam Brioche is a European way of knitting, and here RebeccaZknits created a hat that pays homage to the technique’s origins. Not quite as studious as a beret…but just as stylish.


Nancy Noel

WOW! This is most interesting. I must learn how it’s done.

Donna Davis

I’ve purchased this class and just started doing practice swatches over the holiday. This is a superb class and these projects are fabulous. I bought the book and intend to start on a project as soon as I finish my current one. I love Nancy and love Craftsy.

Catherine D

I have purchased Nancy’s book “Knitting Brioche” and still have some difficulty with her patterns. It appears she asumes you know what to do in some cases with a pattern. I am not a new knitter and follow patterns easily. I am a left handed knitter and have no trouble inverting instructions or patterns, I am thinking of purchasing the Brioche knitting class but was wondering if she touches on kitting left handed…


I’m really flattered you picked my Tri-Corner Tam to feature with this; it’s a beautiful hat.

But it’s not brioche; it’s striped-rib and double-knit; and I’d love to see lots of knitters make this hat, but I’d hate to mislead knitters wanting to try brioche projects.

Thanks, Craftsy.


Thanks Rebecca!


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