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Featured Guest Pinner: Amy of Mod Podge Rocks

Pinner Amy Anderson, AKA Mod Podge Rocks

Meet our guest pinner, Amy Anderson! She believes in stripes and polka dots daily, and as such frequently updates her Pinterest account, Mod Podge Rocks. Her boards reveal all kinds of creative and whimsical crafts, decor, and even tech items. No wonder she has so many people looking to see what she'll pin next. Oh yes, she has quite the following: nearly 65,000 people! We think you'll enjoy checking out her Craftsy collaborator board once you get to know more about her.

So, Amy you're a Pinterest superstar! But how did it all begin? How did you first hear about Pinterest?
Several of my readers forwarded me invitations in the early days. I thought "oh great - another social media tool!" I didn't use it for the longest time . . . now I kick myself in the pants for that! I made up for lost time quickly.

You pin all kinds of stuff, and stay very active, which is probably why you have so many followers (that, and your great taste, of course). So how much time per day do you think you spend on Pinterest?
I spend about 30 minutes. I have to limit myself. Don't we all?

What has been your most popular board? Was that a surprise?
My most popular board is my "Mod Podge Rocks" board, but that was no surprise given the community. What did surprise me was the popularity of the boards about Hello Kitty, Star Wars and other more niche topics. You think you are the only 35 year old girl who likes cats with hairbows and Han Solo, then you get repinned and realize there's a whole geeky/dorky fabulous world of people out there like you.

We love your Gnome and Woodland board! Where did you get your ideas for that?

I've always loved garden gnomes and I noticed I had a lot of related projects in my general craft board. When I get too many pins on a specific topic on my general craft board, it makes me realize how much I love a topic, so then I create a special board for it.

Where do you find most of your pins?
A variety of places - even though I'm a blogger, I still read blogs through an RSS reader. I also use Pinterest, Craftgawker, CRAFT, Craft Gossip and sites like that to find blogs . . . then I read through those blogs and find projects I like and pin them. I usually find several projects on one blog that I love!

OK, so we're pretty excited to be collaborating with you, given how creative and popular, and what an expert pinner you are. But what excites you about collaborating with Craftsy?

The concept of learning crafts online is just brilliant, and I'm glad Craftsy identified that. I'm also impressed with the instructor lineup - I know some of them, and these are the cream of the crop. What could be better than learning crafts from the best instructors, on the comfort of your own sofa?

Thanks so much for your time, Amy! Now we'll let you get back to pinning. Everyone else, follow along as Amy shares her crafty colorful finds! And be sure to head back to the Craftsy blog next Monday for another behind the scenes peek into our featured guest pinner.

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Suzie Carpenter

I purchased Amy’s Mod Podge Rocks. I love it! The book has great items and so much to help a crafter with even more ideas.


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