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Meet the Canines of Craftsy! (Part 1)

On any given day, one might enter the Craftsy office to be greeted by a furry, four-legged friend. While we don't have a designated office dog, it's not unusual for a Craftsy employee to bring their pup by for a visit. Since you can't be in the office to visit our dogs, we thought we'd introduce you to some of the canines of Craftsy...



Name: Oliver
Owner: Katie, Marketing
Likes: Lobster costumes, peanut butter M&Ms;, cuddles
Dislikes: Dog shoes, horses, being left out
Fave class: Know Your Wool

Name: Georgey
Owner: Kevin, Marketing
Likes: Peanut Butter, feather dusters, ambushing squirrels, and "sorting" laundry
Dislikes: Combs, rain, and closed doors.
Fave class: The one with food
Jackson and Lucy

Name: Jackson (right) and Lucy
Owner: Katherine, Presentation
Likes: Walks in the park, tag-team wrestling, mud, meat products and petting
Dislikes: Haircuts, pigeons, hands that are knitting or sewing instead of petting



Name: Freddie
Owner: Linda, Production
Likes: fuzzy blankies, naps, walkies, stealing socks
Dislikes: vacuums, loud noises, rain
Fave class: Artisan Cheese Making (is that for me?)

Name: Nico Jefe Cholula Berry Brandle
Owner: Ryan, Marketing
Likes: Boxing, ice cubes, looking good for the ladies.
Dislikes: Carrots.
Fave class: Mittens & Gloves Galore. He goes through them so quickly 😉

Name: Cali
Owner: Megan, Marketing
Likes: Anything remotely edible, snow, sleeping on quilts, Eight Below
Dislikes: Baths, vacuum cleaners, having her picture taken
Fave class: Drab to Fab Furniture Upcycling- she likes to put her own finishing touches on furniture



Name: Scout
Owner: Chris, Business Development
Likes: Gnawing on hands, arms, feet, legs, slippers, shoes, couches, metal, wood....pretty much anything.
Dislikes: Going "outside" at 3:00 am

Name: Foxy Brown
Owner: Tonya, Production
Likes: cheese, playing fetch, belly rubs, stealing dirty socks
Dislikes: frozen grass, pawicures, the cat

Name: Tokio
Owner: Nicole, Marketing
Likes: craft beer, long pet sessions, skirt steak, Dave Brubeck
Dislikes: Not being the center of attention, thunder, turtlenecks
Fave class: Decadent Chocolate Cakes - one can only dream



Name: Callie "Anyong" Glenn
Owner: Jane, Production
Likes: Napping by the wood-burning stove, "Nature" on PBS, and the collected works of Tolstoy
Dislikes: the sound of human feet squelching on wood floors, days when we run out of peanut butter
Fave class: Design and Sew an A-Line Skirt (which -- for reasons we don't understand-- she thought would involve steak)

Name: Popcorn
Owner: Joey, Engineering
Likes: Sunbathing, popcorn and sleeping under the covers
Dislikes: stuffed animals
Fave class: Knit Sock Worskshop

Name: Ozzy
Owner: Joey, Engineering
Likes: Popcorn, tennis balls and treats
Dislikes: mail, squeaky toys and costumes



Name: Kona-Bob
Owner: Jay, Engineering
Likes: Snow, long walks in the park, road trips, dogs, people, cats
Dislikes: Thunder, lettuce, water
Fave class: Classic Croissants At Home, he always wants to help
Obi and Potus

Name: Toblerone (Obi) and Potus
Owner: Tory, Marketing
Likes: Hugs and kisses and tummy rubs, hikes, the park, carrots
Dislikes: People working on laptops instead of petting
Fave class: Currently cheerleading a Craftsy dog treat-making class!

Name: Jack
Owner: Hailey, Marketing
Likes: Stealing and hiding dirty socks, bones bigger than me and cuddling
Dislikes: The doorbell, being wet and vegetables
Fave class: Classic Croissants at Home, love me some carbs!!





Great post! Enjoyed seeing all the fur babies! Thanks!

Tayla Naden

So these are the masterminds behind Craftsy! 😉


What an awesome post! Glad to see all the dogs are as creative as mine loves to be.

Denise Forsythe

Awe…love all the babies. I have a boxer baby and she is a blast.


Another cheer here for the dog treat making course!

Joanna (martij30)

I think a dog treat class would be a great idea… so would my pit and my beagle 😉


Enjoyed seeing your pets and reading thier likes and dislikes.

Judy Chaffee

Wonderful!!! thanks for sharing all the members of the family!


I knew that there was an extra reason to like the Craftsy people!!

Terri -TN

What a fun post! Thanks for sharing all the fur babies and their likes/dislikes! I have two black/tan Dobermans that are spoiled babies. Also have two kitty cats that are so sweet. My female Doberman really likes yarn. I have to watch her because she steals it if she’s left along and I forget to put it away. My male Doberman never bothers a thing though. He’s so laid back and sweet. Neither one of them has a mean bone in their body. I think they would wag their tails and lick an intruder instead of protecting! LOL I hope you show us more of the Craftsy fur babies!!!


Great pics….
I challenge the everyone here to a “cute” pet page… How about it? Would love to see some of the members fur babies.

Susan Jordan

I love it! Give us more dog pictures!!!!

Kate Maeda

I wish you guys had a west virginia branch office, I’d love to work with people, and pets, like you.


Love all the babies, I have 4 furbabies, one collie mix (Cassie) she’s only 2, PJ, a blue/red healer mix,(he is 14 and misses the snow in Colorado), sisters Mandy and Tootsie, shi-tzus, they are 13 and basically just sleep all the time now. Mandy is a twit, barks at everything, but she is totally blind now so I know she is just scared, Tootsie is a love bug, loves to be cuddled up beside me but doesn’t understand why I keep letting the yarn take my hands from her belly, aren’t hands made for petting and loving??? I’m sure we’ll be getting some kitty cat pictures????? Love kitties but Mom is allergic. Thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peggy Rodgers

Loved meeting the Craftsy Canines! My canine crew are also cheering for the dog-treat class but my friends of the feline persuasion are requesting equal time for the Craftsy Kitties! 😉

Diane Addams

Love the dogs, but don’t leave the kitties out…they too need to have their day in the sun.

Sue Fujii

What beautiful dogs!….I enjoyed reading about each and every one. Thank you so much for starting my Sunday out with a smile.

Windmill Farm

Love the photos of the cute dogs. Sounds like Craftsy is a great place to work. Can you come to work in jammies too!!!


Loved the pictures. My Westie would agree with all those who dislike rain, having his nails clipped, the post or anything put through the door and men in uniform. Loves cheese, toast and yoghurt!!!!

Celia Keech

My Westie would agree with any oif your furry friends who dislikes rain, having his nails trimmed and anything posted through the door. Loves cheese, toast and sleeping!!!

jill collins

Wow! A dog treat making class possibility. I hear two dogs behind me giving their vote. Loved the blog!


What can I say? Just BRILLIANT!!!

Sandi Pratt

My Pekingnese is so rotten. She goes crazy over the doorbell, and absolutely adores the Pizza Delivery Guy, as long as hes bringing pizza !!! Love your pups !

Linda Froggie

Your puppies are all sew cute! We have a Chocolate Lab, named Chocolate, of course, a basset hound named Missy, and a chihuahua named Diablo. Take your dog to work day! I love it.
~HOpppy quilting~

Wendy Somerville

OMG they are all so cute.. Ozzy looks just like my dog Buddy!.. What breed is he Joey and how large is Ozzy? I have been trying to figure out what the other half of my dog Buddy is. Apparently he is Yorkshire Terrier by one half….. But HUGE.. Size of a Cockerspaniel. I was told the other half maybe Schnauzer. But even then he is large for a Schnauzer.

Buddy loves, squeaky toys, fur toys, balls, and anything doggy toy like. He is a social Butterfly and loves everyone!!! Except my Maltese Male Calvin…… Calvin is 14 years old and loves Buddy but Buddy wants to be top dog… so he bats Calvin on his head with his paw and gives him hip checks down the stairs whenever he thinks I am not looking. Calvin is so docile he takes it all in stride and never really cares. Buddy runs like crazy when he finds out I have seen him do this!!. He knows he is bad…

Buddy makes me laugh every single day with his antics. First dog ever that has ever done that for me and I have had dogs since 1974. Be kind to your pups and they will give it back to you 10 fold. 😉


Hi Wendy…

Ozzy is a full blooded Yorkshire Terrier. He is bigger than most Yorkies, mostly because you see the teacup/smaller sized Yorkies, but he weighs around 10 pounds!


Awesome group of doggies! I’ve got one in my studio too. My workspace wouldn’t be half as fun without him 🙂


Thanks for sharing! I loved the pictures and bios. What a great idea! My dogs are my kids and I can see yours are too.


Love them! I personally have a pointer named Ranger that tries to help me type. No one ever told him 45 pounds does not a lap dog make!

Ada Lovelace

Oh!! They are SO adorable. I think every work space should have a dog or cat to cuddle. They’re awesome stress relievers.


Lots of dogs, any cat owners work there? How about pictures and introductions to their companions?

Diannah Carmichael

OMG! Now that is the way to start the day.
Mutating Mad Dog Molly Magoo thoroughly enjoyed having our coffee together and looking at the pictures. (Molly is a toy puddle) and of course the love of my life.

Thanks for sharing
Diannah and Molly

Dollie Hunnicutt

Love all the dogs,not only do you have great classes but great dogs ,sounds like you are great people to work for.


I love the fur babies!! My doxie and poodle put their two votes in for the dog treat making class!

Jane Cisneros

It’s Sunday morning and I’m cuddled into a big, soft blanket with my two Yorkies (Miles Davis and Louie Armstrong). We really enjoyed seeing and reading about all the amazing, talented 4-legged helpers at Craftsy … thanks for sharing!

Margaret M

Knew there was another reason I liked Craftsy than just the wonderful classes! Love the pups, but are cats allowed, too?


Love all the dogs! What a great post. Never expected to see a post like this here and really enjoyed it. I am lucky, work at a vet hospital so my coworkers and I are very familiar with all our pets. Great job!

linda kohn

I love the post. Glad to see other people enjoy their furry children as much as I do. They inspire when I am working and seem to always like what I have made (of course they can not talk and tell me waht they really think). I never want a day in my life that a dog is not in it.


Worried about Oliver, it said he likes peanut butter M&M’s. I have always heard that chocolate is poisonous to dogs.


Thanks for your concern! Oliver only gets the rare peanut butter M&M that falls under the couch, though he wishes he could have more. He usually is kept far, far away from chocolate!


Linda Spellman

Loved reading about all the canines AND the tip on making corners! Brest way to spend a ccccccold morning in sunny CA – probably not for you, but 33 degrees in the morning is awful for us! Thanks to Craftsy, too, for the decadent chocolate cake that wowed my guests on Fruday night and the barrel tote I made my sister. Next is croissants – what fun!


Love meeting all the dogs…..especially the boxers!!! Keep posting the pics, please.

Bonnie Booy

Loved seeing all the cute dogs! Hope you will show the KITTIES next time!

Sophy Lewis

All very cute – but no cats?


How can one live without the “sole owner attitude” of a cat. We have 3 and they each think they are the boss.

ozark annie

I loved the doggie profiles. Unfortunately my bossy German Shepard would want to take charge and reorganize the office Her way!


Now that was just too much fun reading about your Craftsy fur babies! Enjoy Craftsy so much!


Really loved the extended family photos and their unique personalities. Two of my dogs have permanent placement mats in my sewing room and sleep to the sound of sewing machines humming daily. Don’t know how people survive without these “perpetual 2 year old” family members.

Sheila Perl

I loved hearing and seeing your fur babies!! Great post and I hope we see and hear more stories and pictures! I am waiting to see the feline followup 🙂


It has been 25 below every night lately.
We have about 3 feet of snow here.


LOL! Just LOVED this post of you all’s “Craftsy Canines!” I have a spoiled Maltipoo with two feline siblings (hope my avatar accompanies this comment) & ALL frequently insist on either participating in my creative processes OR demanding that I put the thread down in order to give them IMMEDIATE attention. Great to meet the canines who keep you going (& a bit jealous that you can take them to work with you).

Heike Holder

They are really cute but just dogs? No cats or other pets?


All the doggies are so cute. I love the idea of a dog-treat making class. How about a homemade vegan dog food-making class?


So cute! What breed is Georgey? He’s handsome. 🙂


Hi Danika! I am the lucky owner of Georgey. He is a Shiba Inu, and he is very aware of his handsomeness. If you are interested in getting a dog I would highly recommend a Shiba!


Beautiful dogs. Where are the cats? Since you have so many members with pets,how about a class about making treats? Pick some of the more popular ones, for instance, cats, dogs, birds,etc. I’ d love a class like that.


Great post! They are all so cute. I have two dogs myself. They definitely make life interesting. Doesn’t anyone have cats? I’d go for a pet treat making class.


My Westie is my inspiration and my best friend. She is 15 and has been my confident for all of those years.


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