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Protect Your iPad in Style, Sew an iPad Case

You need only look at our name—Craftsy—to know that we love crafts. But if you haven’t gathered from our hi-def videos, interactive classes, and brand new iPad app, we’re pretty techy, too! Yep, we love ourselves some nice shiny, new, slick technology. And while people may not think that crafting and technology typically go together, we must disagree. Proof that they go hand-in-hand? All of the awesome iPad cases and covers we’re seeing in our Projects area made by members of the Craftsy community. Here are some our favorites for inspiration.

iPad Covers

Hard to believe these paisley iPad covers were sewn without the aid of a pattern! Craftsy sewist KerriJean is really showing her talent.

iPad Wristlet

An iPad dangling off your wrist by itself would look silly. But when it’s in a wristlet like this one (expertly sewn by Craftsy member Oh that Paula), it is downright stylish.

Matching iPad iPhone Cases

Of course, iPads and iPhones go together like all the great combos—love and marriage, peanut butter and jelly, Craftsy and crafting—so it only makes sense that they should have matching cases. And what perfect examples these are, sewn by Craftsy member Gaila Designs.

When you’re ready to sew your own case, check out the iPad sleeve pattern by Susie D Designs, the iPad carrying case pattern by StudioCherie, and more patterns from the community to cloak your device securely in style.



Wow! I am looking for an iPad pattern. I love taking iPad classes and can’t wait to make a cover for my iPad using one of the patterns!

Becky in KCMO

I made my DGD#2 one for her mini ipad out of Hello Kitty string pieces. It took two tries to make it fit. I tried to use quite thick batting to protect the machine, and it wouldn’t turn well. It has a large pocket for the charging cord and a pencil-size pocket for the stylus. I made the handles padded black. She loves it!

Terri Alsobrook

Would the iPad cover also fit a Nook Color? That’s what I’d use.


Here is a quick and easy iPad cover. Take a quilted purchased placemat and fold it almost in half with about a one or two inch overlap at one end. Sew up the sides. You will not have to finish any “ends” because the placemat already has finished sides.. Then sew down the “flap” over lap piece just at the corners. This will allow you to easily slide the iPad in and out just by flipping over the top “ends”. Takes only ten minutes and it looks very professional. You can add a snap or piece of Velcro In the middle of the top flap if you want, but the fabric bulk actually keeps the top folded down flat . I usually embroider the owners name on the flap for a personalize touch. You can do this with fabric instead of a placemat, but if you watch the sales the placemats are actually less expensive! You can do the same for an eraser, but you may need to finish off an end if you need to cut to make it the right size.

Jane Parker

What beautiful fabrics, they make the Ipad, mobile phone and Kindle covers look stunning.

Hailey Andersen

I didn’t think that sewn ipad cases would be durable enough to protect an ipad. But I suppose if you only need to keep it clean, then a padded cloth covering might be enough. Great project here! Nice way to customize and personalize it.


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