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Featured Guest Pinner: Janice of The Vintage Handbag

Janice Kay Trudeau of


With her eclectic taste for great knitting and crocheting finds, we often find ourselves repinning Janice Kay Trudeau of The Vintage Handbag on our Craftsy Pinterest account. It's no wonder that more than 12,485 crafters tune in to catch her pins in topics ranging from Vintage Crochet Love to Lace Love. So this week we decided to bring her directly to you! Follow along as she shares her finds on her Craftsy collaborator board giving you new project and accessory ideas. But before you head over there, get to know more about her pinning inspiration and experience below.


So, Janice, when did you start pinning?
I'm not positive but I think I started pinning in June of this year, 2012.  It is so interesting, because you can really begin to see personalities of certain pinners by their response to your boards.  I love to pin on my crochet boards because I feel my fellow crochet pinners are the most open to sharing, receiving, and repinning everything and anything crochet.  I actually prefer crochet over knitting so that is where my passion is. My crochet boards are the most popular. They grow by leaps and bounds daily!


We love pinning all things craft, but what about you? What are your favorite things to pin? Do you have any pins that have been hugely popular with other pinners? Any that have surprised you?
I started my Knitting Love board at the same time as my other boards, but found out that the Pinterest knitters were very slow to respond to my pins; so I would often delete my pins and I tended to neglect that board.  However I am beginning to court my fellow knitters again, and find that they are beginning to respond, a wee little bit better.  I have realized that there is quite a difference in personalities of knitters verses crocheters, simply by the response to my pins.


We love your Granny Square Chic board What inspired that?
I started my Granny Square Chic! Board because I feel sentimental about Granny Squares. I am a girl of the 1970's, and granny squares were everywhere. I think everyone I knew had a granny square afghan on the back of their sofa and an item or two of clothing with granny squares. I like to think that I am fashion forward and I often wear a crocheted wrap, shawl, shrug, or poncho and find that people love them. My feeling is that the Granny Square is often considered old-fashioned and gives crochet a bad name, so my intention is to show just how incredibly contemporary it can be today, both in fashion and in home decor. Being an interior designer and a buyer and seller of vintage handbags, I have tremendous appreciation for anything vintage, with history, and especially Americana. Granny Squares speak to me of America in the 1970's.


Have you tried creating any of your Artsy Fartsy pins? Was it a success?
I created my  Artsy Fartsy! board because of my love of design and creating things. I recently looked at the board and realized that I haven't created a single thing that I pinned. Me oh My! But, in my defense, I often peruse them from time to time and find that I still love all of my pins on that board and hope to create some of them and the ones on my Gonna Make It board in the future.


Follow along on Pinterest as Janice shares her knitting and crocheting finds! And come on back next Monday for another behind the scenes peek into our featured guest pinner.


J Kay

I am so excited to have been invited to be a guest pinner for Craftsy. I love crafts, design, crochet and of course… pinning on Pinterest. I absolutely love looking at all the ideas and boards and finding ideas that I plan to use in the future. I encourage everyone to check out and enjoy Pinterest!
Kind Regards,
Janice Kay

Sheila Zachariae

Lovely interview! I visited many of Janice’s boards and am truly inspired! Well done.



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